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Shock: Bieni Has Passed Away
Bieni was probably the world’s most famous goat. She attracted the attention of every visitor at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf because of her malpositioned neck. She suffered this when she was a research animal for trainee vets during their university course and while they learned how to inject animals. By accident, one of her nerves was injured in her neck. Although it didn’t appear so at first sight, she felt absolutely no pain. Her optimistic character and joie de vivre made everyone feel enthusiastic. She also loved brass bands! We will really miss her. A report and video to remember her...

Bieni taught us about goats and their world

Bieni only occasionally retreated. She loved being the centre of attention. She really loved children – and they loved her. She endured a difficult fate with dignity – a disability due to human error. Many people were curious to learn about it and listened to our explanations. Plenty of people don’t know that goats are also kept in big herds. And that many male kid goats mainly only live for a few weeks. Then, they’re almost all slaughtered...

When wind and brass instruments played at our sanctuary on a variety of occasions, Bieni always walked with the band...

But Bieni also taught us something else. When it became clear that she would always have her disability, the university students campaigned for her to live. That was 9 years ago and still fairly unusual. Bieni inspired us to reflect and think differently.

Several days ago, Bieni wasn’t doing well and so we took her to the best ruminant animal clinic with her friend, Angelo. She was suffering from a neurological problem with epileptic fits and she was getting weaker and weaker. When it became clear her condition is incurable and would also be painful, we let her pass away peacefully. We simply imagine that she’s now living in a better world. That her neck is straight again and she can be happy.

Our thanks go to all the sponsors and our team for giving Bieni nine wonderful years.

We're advising Bieni's sponsors to transfer their sponsorships to Angelo. He was her best friend and loyal partner to the end. Angelo arrived in 2007 - otherwise he'd have been slaughtered.
Currently, over 300 rescued goats live at Gut Aiderbichl. Thanks to the sponsors and patrons, we can always help in really desperate, life-threatening cases. Please support us and become an animal sponsor, or make a donation to our non-profit foundations.

Report dated 1. February 2015
 Donkey Clarissa (15 yrs.) lost her home...
Tragedy in the life of dog Tatanga (7 yrs.)

When Tatanga first met his new
master, he was 59 and things were going really well for the artist. Then, he suffered a stroke, took refuge in alcohol and realized that he can no langer carry on. It was a human tragedy and thankfully for him - he has friends. They give Tatanga a home, but sensibly insisted that he also finds a new home. A farmer's decision was also sensible. Donkey Clarissa was allowed up to the Alpine pastures with the cows for the entire summer, but with her own kind... Fabulous winter photos of Gut Aiderbichl Carinthia...

Tatanga was lucky. And somehow, so was his master - it's better that way in some cases. Animals can't talk; they can't call anyone for help. That was incredibly important here. A dog of a certain age deserves a life that's true to his own kind. In our dog familiy at Gut Aiderbichl Carinthia, he's already made new friends. He's close to Hannes (above). Plus, he has three spacious open-air freewheeling meadows and walks all day long - and even an excursion to the big freewheeling meadow of Gut Aiderbichl just a few kilometres away. His day must be exciting! The pictures were taken yesterday and Carinthia was covered with a dusting of snow.

Although in summer she wanted for nothing when she became a "cow companion" on the mountain pastures, the winters were monotonous. She doesn't graze and bovines speak a different language than her own kind. And there are long periods in the stable, depending on the weather. The farmer took the opportunity - Clarissa should have a better life. Now, it's just as wonderful in winter as in summer-time at Gut Aiderbichl Carinthia.

Instead of ski slopes, here, there's a donkey and pony slope - and Clarissa has already grasped that! She's just 15 years old and is right at the front during the gallops! Schoko, Legolas, Winnetou, Susi, Lucy, Kiddy, Sam and Pico dan't hide their astonishment. The training on the mountain meadows has paid off. If she's lucky, she can reach the age of 50!
Our stags also watch in wonder...

Sophie, Andi and Hiltraut

Do you remember the one-year-old stag, Rudi? A farmer saved his life. He was so tame that we loaded him without tranquillizing him and tempted him just with a few biscuits. He's not castrated and really proud of his first antlers. How Aiderbichl makes stags turn out!

Time's not just flying for our animals. Our sanctuaries offer protection to over 6,000 rescued animals. Thank you to everybody for making this possible! If you're not an Aiderbichl member yet, please hurry and join! Or pledge your support with a donation for our non-profit foundations.

Report dated 27. January 2015
Winter unexpectedly returned...
Our chimpanzees in fresh snow
Actually, we weren't expecting snow any longer. So the chimpanzees were even more delighted about winter's return today in Gänserndorf, near Vienna. Now they're acting as if they were ludicrously experienced with the majestic white scene. But when they experienced snow for the first time in their lives, they found it very unnerving. We're so happy that we can offer our traumatized ex-lab chimpanzees such a wonderful life...

Gut Aiderbichl's Sanctuary for Traumatized Chimpanzees and other Primates in Winter 2015

       Helene (33 yrs.)                                                Moritz (32 yrs.) and Helene
Helene is the highest-ranking female in the group. Moritz is the next highest-ranking male. So it's up to the boss to investigate the snow. But the most popular thing is the drain cover - it's snow-free! Snow was not at all natural for either of them. Helene was born in 1982 and Moritz in 1983, deep in the jungle in Africa. All their relatives, even their mothers were killed in the hail of bullets from the trappers. From here, they were transported to Orth an der Donau to a research lab. In 2009, we accepted them into our protection...

Anton (33 yrs.)
Anton took part in animal research from 1986 to 1997. Since he's been living in Gänserndorf, he supports Helene as the group's "fitness trainer". But today his prospects weren't great, so he's concentrating on the snow-topped ball, all alone. His playmates prefer the war indoor enclosure. But he's also seated in a snow-free spot...

That's really no good! What is a dark tree sump doing in the middle of the sparkling white snow? Schuscha arrived in the lab from Africa in 1982 - she was part of a breeding scheme there. She's a single parent of Xsara and David. She expects things to be tidy - even in the snow!

In B enclosure where chimpanzees live that were isolated for years, the snow is the day's biggest excitement. For Fifi (30 yrs.), it's even the first snow of his life. He probably suffered the most from being always locked in...

Spring is just around the corner and then sponsors, who support our chimpanzees, can also visit them. But there's another big surprise. On 25 April, Gut Aiderbichl is holding its spring meeting to celebrate the opening of the parrot house and the large fox enclosure at Gänserndorf. Our sponsors and patrons will receive individual invitations. You can enjoy last year's fil again that shows our chimpanzees when they first experienced the snow...

Report dated 15. January 2015

 Why Good-natured Animals Are at Risk:
Heavy Horse Rescued from Fatality!

Brösel (10 yrs.) belongs to an interesting breed related to the Belgian Brabant coldblooded horses. He's a Trekpaard Brabant - just 1,000 mares and 30 stallions are still alive. These horses once carried knights with heavy armour. They were then used mainly in agriculture. Nowadays, they're also popular with horsemeat suppliers. They didn't deserve this degradation - Brösel narrowly escaped some cruel treatment...

The Last Act of the Dutchman...

Brösel was in the most dangerous situation of his life: he was at a horse dealer's who had made a reputation with butchers for supplying heavy coldblooded horses. These clients were mainly located overseas, which meant a long transport journey for the horses. But this dealer also had a weaker side. He's an admirer of heavy horses. So, he picked up the telephone, contacted us and just wanted to enquire...

That was like destiny for the coldblooded stallion. It was fabulous timing. We'd just made space because of an internal reorganization...

Meanwhile, he's made friends with Krümel (right), our Brabant. They're probably the heaviest coldblooded horses, along with Percheron. Their unbelievably calm and good-natured temperaments are their distinguishing characteristics.

In comparison to Krümel (left), mini-horse Pumuckl and Brösel (right)

They're instinctively loyal towards humans. That's why they were such faithful companions dwon the centuries. It's a pity we humans give them little thanks for that.
Please support our equine projects. You can sponsor Brösel or make a donation to our non-profit foundations. Currently, more than 750 rescued horses are under the protection of 26 Aiderbichl sanctuaries!

Report dated 13 January 2015

 Left Behind And No Pet Insurance!

3 Pinschers in Dire Need

The miniature male Pinschers Phil (15 yrs.) and Gusa (15 yrs.) as well as the bitch Julia (17 yrs.) were suddenly left alone in the world - in Oerlenbach, Lower Franconia. Their owner had passed away and had put no arrangements in place. It would have been terrible to split them up - now they're Aiderbichler...

They're suffering from ear infections, eye wounds, bad dental tartar, rounded claws and heart murmurs that don't sound good...

This is another déjà-vu experience for Julia. Her original mistress passed away and so she arrived at her now owner's - an animal-loving old lady. Phil and Guso already lived with her.

A picture from the old days that was handed to us: Phil and Gusa as puppies

They're Aiderbichler since the day before yesterday - and all three can stay together!

The condition of this small, timid group suggests that their owner was overwhelmed by the task of keeping them. They'll certainly have received plenty of affection and attention. Dogs that live with people in their old age tend to be very flexible and adjust. But the worst thing for them is being left alone. That's why it's essential for their owners, whatever their age, to think about what will become of their four-legged friends - just in case. The owner of the miniature Pinschers had overlooked this. We were notified by chance that nobody wanted to take them in.

Their last recorded injection: 2006, they're not castrated or sterilized

We know very little about these dogs. We have to be patient and find out about their likes and dislikes. All of this could have been avoided. While they still can, Aiderbichl Members can arrange insurance to help out in a case like this. That's how we get to know their preferences and anxieties. Please find out how you can insure your pets with Gut Aiderbichl's pet insurance plan.

Gut Aiderbichl's dog families live in small groups. They're supervised around the clock, they live in cosy, well-equipped quarters and enjoy what's so vital for them: plenty of walks! Gut Aiderbichl has a total of over 160,000 square metres of enclosed spaces for dogs. Walks without being on a leash are irreplaceable. This and much more makes their lives at Gut Aiderbichl a dog's dream. Generally, dogs also stay at our sanctuary until the end of their natural lives. A few that we feel would be happier living in a private home also have the option of a lifelong special home with a private carer. Currently, more than 250 dogs live under our protection. Gut Aiderbichl has 26 sanctuary estates and more than 300 experienced and dedicated animal carers.
Please support our canine projects - why not arrange a sponsorship? Or make a donation to our non-profit foundations, so we can lend a hand in urgent cases like this without thinking.

Report dated 9 January 2015
 United at last - at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf
Churchyard Cow Michaela & Bandit
Yesterday, it finally worked out! After Kaspar's papers were transferred, now we have Michaela's documents. She's an Aiderbichler! Meanwhile, we've introduced our most famous bull, Bandit. A fabulous meeting (video). A quick nudge and then a test of power! Both did well - and from now on they're living together at Aiderbichl Henndorf. Thank you to everyone!

You'll remember: a few days before Christimas, Michaela was to be sent for slaughter.

She was unloaded right here at this gate - probably, it was the stench of blood that suddenly made her panic and feel afraid. She broke loose and ran through the village - past a butcher's and to Marienplatz. She then made for the old town gate and escaped. Traffic and pedestrians were everywhere. Then, she suddenly stood before the B20 - in the early mornings, it's like a race track. She crossed over this road and then saw a place that she'd never become acquainted with in her life in the cowshed: a cemetery surrounded by old trees. She wanted to hide away here.

The fire service, police and a vet were quickly on site. The frightened cow (about 2 years old) was tranquillized and captured. Due to the tranquillizer and the fact that her meat cannot be used, then she was transferred to a stall for bovines.

Several days later, as soon as the medication was no longer in her system, she would have been collected again. She would have had to go through the same experience again. Gut Aiderbichl contacted the butcher and the owner. They were very understanding and agreed to Aiderbichl accepting her, but Michaela's health status had to be updated. That meant examining all the bovines that had previously lived with her. So, she had to wait. Yesterday - 8 January - we were given the go ahead. Martin, an Aiderbichl crew member, set off to collect her...

Before his departure, Martin gave her a clear sign of freedom: an Aiderbichl halter.

Anyone who looks into her eyes notices that this creature is longing for closeness and security. Bandit is a great character! He shows Michaela that things will be Okay now. He's been living at our sanctuary for several month now.

Then, a day after Michaela's arrival we took them both onto the meadow. That was a premiere - for Bandit as well. After he arrived, we had him castrated. He noticed his fellow kind, but he's never really been in the company of a fellow bovine. Beforehand, he was kept tethered - exactly like Michaela. Now, both had to remember what their instincts told them ever since bovines have existed on this earth! Although Michaela has no horns, she had to pretend to fight with Bandit. They both came out with top marks - Bandit is stronger and from now on Michaeela will wear the trousers!

Aiderbichl bovines repeatedly tell us (meanwhile, they're more than 550) that what humans see in them is simply too little. They're not stupid, and nor do they react indifferently or calmly to the suffering that we humans cause them. They're forced to do without so much in their lives. Many will say that human beings are King and that tey ulimately have to survive by relying on bovines and their products that were cruelly processed. So why do we discard over 30 per cent of their products without even having consumed them? It's worthwhile reflecting on this. We'll continue helping bovines in dire need...
Please arrange an animal sponsorship and support our bovine projects.

Report dated 6. January 2015, we only need to collect Michaela the cow
Happy Ending for Kaspar, the Forest Bull

Our animal rescue team was feeling slightly under the weather. Yesterday, they collected Kaspar the bull - he'd been living wild in the forest for some time. As mysterious as his past and sudden appearance are, loading him onto the transporter to return to Gut Aiderbichl was fairly easy. He seemed to sense he'd nothing left to fear. A vet, who interrupted her holiday to check on him, had rescued him. She'd also arranged for blood tests and the mandatory quarantine. She was relieved to say farewell to Kaspar...

The Last Chapter of a Fantastic Bull Rescue
He has the body of a one-year-old bull. But his horns suggest he's at least two years old. What did he go through? Suddenly he was there - right in the heart of the forest. Nobody missed him. He had no mandatory ear tags. A kind-hearted vet tranquillized him and made sure he was kept in quarantine. He had to stay on his own, unfortunately, there was no way to avoid this.

Kaspar in compulsory quarantine
When his blood tests were fine after a few weeks, he was registered and we were able to collect him.

Kaspar is as timid as a deer. He had to be kept under sedation during the journey.

Gut Aiderbichl Kilb will be Kaspar's home. It's a hillside location. The winter conditions meant his trailer had to be towed by a tractor with snow chains.

It's here in this spacious shed surrounded by wonderful pasture that Kaspar got to know his fellow kind - all of them have similar biographies. The others will help him overcome his anxiety and insecurities.

Things have come full circle again - a bull's life is in danger. A vet tried to find some other options apart from euthanizing him. Gut Aiderbichl can accept Kaspar and keep him until the end of his natural life.
Naturally, some people consider this effort to be exaggerated. We Aiderbichler don't think like that. Gut Aiderbichl receives no public funding and our supporters donate their hard earned cash and savings. They could easily spend the money on a holiday in Spain and visit a bull fight that's promoted with EU funding (no less than 400 million euros of public money!). As Aiderbichler, we don't agree with this. If anyone has a problem with that, well that's up to them. There are always plenty of people who support the Gut Aiderbichl philosophy - and we say a big thank you to everyone who supports our work.

Report dated 5. January 2015
 When the Final Curtain Falls...
Farewell to Ex-Circus Pony Mini
This afternoon our beloved Mini (about 25 yrs.) - probably one of the world's best-known ponies - departed forever. Michael Aufhauser first got to know him in 2003 at a circus. He starred in the number "Mini and Maxi". We couldn't arrange his transfer until 2010. His life was confined to the horse box and circus ring. He had no experience of raming free in the meadow. Mini had to suppress for an entire lifetime what ponies love to do best - until he relocated to Gut Aiderbichl. He died in the clinic. His two friends, the mare Bella and stallion Prinzi, accompanied him and returned without Mini...
Too Soon, but A Dignified Departure
When stallions perform at the circus that usually means they're kept in isolation. They enter the circus ring once or twice a day to the sound of music and a whip. They work hard and do their best, like all circus members, to ensure the circus continues. But there's no time to keep them in a way that's true to their own kind. Maybe the many years without freedom and happiness were the reason for the relatively early departure of Mini to that great pasture in the sky (on the afternonn of 5th January 2015).

Yesterday evening, Mini was off his food. We all hoped things would return to normal. But when he ate nothing the next morning and seemed almost apathetic, we decided to transfer him to the equine clinic. Of course, his best friends Bella and Prinzi were allowed to join him. That's an Aiderbichl rule and helped plenty of other animals deal with a trip to the clinic. There was no real improvement in his condition here. He could't pass any droppings, so there was no other option than to put him under general anaesthetic and operate. His body was riddled with tumours - his colon, small intestine and other large tumour in-between.


When Mini and Maxi were finally able to relocate to our sanctuary they instantly showed that even after more than 15 years in the ring they'd not become accustomed to each other. They went their separate ways as soon as they arrived. Maxi took a shine to our Hummel and at first, totally traumatized, Mini stayed on his own. But then he could't resist the carm of Bella, the white mare. She also arrived from the circus. Besides, she had a best friend, ex-circus stallion Prinzi, They usually roamed the pasture as a threesome. They were totally happy together and Mini allowed himself to be something that he'd always had to suppress: he was moody and even disobedient. Nobody could demand anything of him. If he wanted to stay out on the meadow, he did so. Besides, we went ahead with his friends. Then he gladly followed because he never liked being separated from them.

Mini was very popular among Aiderbichl Friends and visitors to Henndorf. But he became really well known when his reins and feather plumes were finally taken away. His good-hearted temper and incredible charisma meant he needed no accessories. Just by being there, Mini attracted more visitors than in the circus ring! He made it possible for our guides to talk about circus horses and to make a few points clear. His tow friends - they would have ended up at the slaughterhouse, if they hadn't arrived at Gut Aiderbichl - will stand in for Mini now.
Without Gut Aiderbichl, Mini could have never shown his true nature. More than 750 rescued horses live at our animal sanctuaries. We look after them daily. We know each of them by name and appreciate their true characters. That's definitely unique. Please support us, so we can continue our work. Our suggestion for Mini's sponsors is that they may like to transfer their sponsorships to Prinzi and Bella. We'll never forget Mini!

Report dated 3 January 2015
 He Should be Named Kaspar...
CRIME THRILLER: The mysterious forest bull
Nobody misses him. Nobody knows his story. He has no ear tags or chip. How long had he been living in the forest? There are plenty of puzzles surrounding Kaspar the bull. He looks like he's a one-year-old. But his horns show he has to be about 2 years old. A vet foght for his life - she tranquillized him and brought him to safety...
A true heroine: The vet who resued Kaspar!

Even checking the records of every farm bearby shed no light on where the handome bull came from. He's like a deer; he's incredibly timid. Aiderbichler Iwan the bull - he lived in the forest for almost 300 days - and world-famous Aiderbichler, Yvonne the cow, behaved in a similar way. But when it comes down to it, bovines have ancient instincts. The story of Kaspar the bull has never been that clear. He shares that in common with the famous story of Kaspar Hauser. Did Kaspar the bull escape from the abattoir? Did he already go it alone as a young bull calf? The vet thought not, because of the signs of dung at his rear end that could have come from being kept tethered.

She took the view, "If a bull is lucky enough to escape his career, he should also experience a happy ending!". She contacted us and we've followed up on her efforts for the forest bull for a while. Our definite "yes" to Kaspar coming to live at Gut Aiderbichl meant pulling out all the stops to clarify his legal status. He was tranquillized and kept in a shed. He underwent blood tests. Now he's cleared as healthy. He can be relocated and the scheduled date for that is this weekend. The vet is back from her holiday and someone will also be on hand to help tranquillize Kaspar, plus the Aiderbichl bovine rescue team will be there!

Bringing Kaspar to Gut Aiderbichl will still be a challenge. But a fellow bovine also got the thumbs-up to travel after a clear blood test. That's Michaela, the cow - she'd escaped into a cemetery from the slaughterhouse. She'll also be brought to the Aiderbichl sanctuary next week. At first, we thought she'd make a wonderful partner for our good-natured bull Bandit. But since she saved her own life and has a bit of a temper, she has to calm down and she'll probably become Kaspar's neighbour. We'll only relax when they arrive in a healthy condition at our sanctuary!
Gut Aiderbichl is famous worldwide for rescuing bovines. We owe our ability to help to the generosity of Aiderbichl supporters and animal lovers. But we still need more support: we're resuing bovines at a rapid pace! Please sponsor Kaspar or make a donation for our bovine projects. Our next rescue call will be just around the corner. Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for next week...

Report dated 19. December 2014
 "Runaway Cow" Michaela
Cow Destined for Death Fled to Cemetery!

Twists of fate like these are rare. An animal's death is decided, then a higher power says otherwise. That's how things went with cow Michaela. She was transported to the slaughterhouse and would have been killed a few minutes later. But she panicked, broke loose and fled to a sacred place - a cemetery. She was tranquillized. If things go well, she'll soon relocate to Gut Aiderbichl. We just have to clear one hurdle...

Last Hurdle for "Runaway Cow" Michaela

When we heard she'd run away, we immediately contacted the butcher and her owner. They showed understanding for our cause. Michaela shouldn't have to take the same route twice. We agreed Michaela should become an Aiderbichler. But we still have to wait for the results of her last blood test, before she'll join the ranks of our bovines. So it's fingers crossed. But with so many twists of fate, we also believe all will go well. We'd like to surprise Bandit the bull with a partner! Maybe we'll do that before Christmas.

Her eyes speak more than a thousand words. She's desperate and distressed. She seems to wonder, "what will happen to me? I'm surrounded by humans who want my life." Her cry for help was heard. She was tranquillized and captured, but not killed...

She paused not far from a small statue of Christ. She knows many people see grace and love personified in him. This photo is reminder of him especially right now. He would have helped, if this scene had unfolded before him. Because a living, feeling creature in need of protection is in dire need. The Bible constantly reminds us of the values of mercy and grace. Aiderbichl memebers act symbolically in keeping with these ideas: if we hear about an animal's fate and we can help out, we're duty bound to do that. More than 50,000 Friends of Aiderbichl actively support us. That includes many animal lovers who see our work as honourable and essential.

Bandit the bull last weekend at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf. On Saturday and Sunday at 13.00, he joined in the grand parade of rescued animals. A nice change for the animals and very exciting for visitors, especially children! The animal parade has been held for several weeks now. If everything goes well, Bandit could soon join forces with Michaela on a symbolic march to freedom.
Rescues like these are not just supported by incredible logistics, but aloso the necessary expertise that makes them possible. More than 50 farmers work for Gut Aiderbichl. They're experts in bovines such as these. The Gut Aiderbichl Foundation is also officially a farm - only an agricultural farm can accept bovines. So it's thanks to you, dear Aiderbichl Friends, that we're able to protect cows, bulls, calves and oxen until the end of their natural lives! They trusted us and support us in the name of all animals. Currently, more than 550 bovines live under our protection.
Please sponsor Michaela (from € 10.00 monthly) or make a donation to our non-profit foundations so we can continue to help.

Report dated 25. November 2014
 Nepomuk is over the worst
Nepomuk's Dramatic Rescue

If you search for the name "Nepomuk" on the Internet, you can find him. He's one of Bavaria's finest horses in traditional four-in-hand team driving. He suffered a hernia, and when his breeder heard about it, he asked us to save his life. At the weekend, four months later, he was allowed to leave the clinic. Thanks to sponsors, we were able to help. Watch the operation that was filmed by Benno - it was life-saving. Pictures you'll rarely view. Today, Nepomuk lives at Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf...

Nepomuk is over the worst

When we heard about Nepomuk's hernia, we immediately said "Yes"! We became his owners and quickly transported him to the best equine clinic. Back in July, neither the vets nor we imagined that his case was very bad and would take months to heal.

Nepomuk had a surgical net implanted. Then, his wound took a long time to heal and Prof. Dr. Röcken and his team at the Starnberg equine clinic urgently recommended to leave him in their care until an extra-large suspensory bandage arrived from America - and especially until he'd recovered futher. That turned into months.

Our Aiderbichl philosophy is why we went to such a great effort for a horse. Firstly, we receive no public funding for our work. Our support is financed by taxed funds and people, who think like us, could enjoy a cruise! But they don't want to. They want us to keep our promise. If an Aiderbichl animal is in distress, then we help out - everey dove, lamb, cat and dog... with all our available funds. Nepomuk is an Aiderbichler and he was allowed to live, even though he would probably have had little hope as a fifteen-year-old, very sick horse.

Please support us, if, like us, you see your fellow creates in all animals and respect life. Become a sponsor to Nepomuk! He lives at Gut aiderbichl Iffeldorf and this sanctuary is funded as an estate open to visitors and also thanks to animal sponsorships.

Last weekend a sponsor's meeting was held at Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf and Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf. Carolin Reiber was a surprise guest with her grandchildren who also became Aiderbichl members.

We found a surprise guest on the edge of the big Christmas Market at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf, near Salzburg, and he also became an Aiderbichl member: Wolfgang Ambros with Bandit the bull...

Report dated 22. November 2014
  A Cold blood Stallion and Cold Hearts
It's really important during animal rescues to look around to see if some anonymous animal is standing in a corner. An animal that doesn't get noticed. Like Burli, the cold blood stallion. He was a fully-grown and a common colour. It's not a good story, but he also has a heart. Of course, people quickly fall in love with such a sweet foal, but that's not our point. We cannot concentrate on this when we choose to rescue animals. The most dire cases are the ones that generally touch our hearts...

Fabulous Looking or Not - They Must Perish
Nobody can imagine the tragedies that we see every day. Where we arrive to help, there's generally not just one animal in need. If we really have to leave animals heind, their eyes follw us our whole lives long.

Burli (12 yrs.) stood in the furthest corner of the stable when we were at the horse trader's yard with the Arte team. When we found out that one day later he would join the death transport to the East, Michael Aufhauser decided that he should also become an Aiderbichler. But not only him! In total, we rescued 13 horses behind the filming scenes. All those that had to endure a grim death that week. We'd love to accept as many horses everey week. But unfortunately, we're not able to. But one day...

Burli at Gut Aiderbichl. He has no idea how tough it was to rescue him. The trader was in raptures about his fillets and begged us not to take him. He had given his word to the "butcher" on the transporter and would get into trouble with his business partner. But he's also got two minds - he loves cats and horses are just his livelihood, his business. Michael Aufhauser talks to him. We know that the chances for animals improve then. That's how it was for Burli. He rose from the ranks destined for slaughter. His weight will never be important again. First he went crazy with happiness at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf - he deserves it. That's his way to start a new life. With more than 750 rescued horses under our protection, he can also be happy now. And Aiderbichl Friedns are also happy for him!

Now Burli is hoping for a sponsor. Please help us, if you can. Support our big equine project. Work has to continue and many more people need to hear about it. If you cannot help, then please don't buy original salami! It usualli contains horse or donkey meat. And besides, don't buy horsemeat as dog food - in any form. There are alternatives for allergies - they're not that pleasant, but wild animals generally doesn't go though what horses endure. Please pledge us your support! 

Report dated 20. November 2014
 Exciting report from Aiderbichl's daily routine
Aiderbichl on Arte: Sat. 22.11/19.30
In summer 2014, we were joined by a team from Arte and Therese Engels who shadowed our work. They made a documentary for Arte's evening programme. We still haven't seen the programme ourselves, but we were there. Nobody apart from Gut Aiderbichl helps animals on such a wide scale. A new estate for bovines had to be built in Eslarn. Exciting news from Iffeldorf and Henndorf. A visit to the horse trader. Alexandrine arrived at our sanctuary. The TV show will be repeated the next day at 13.25...

For Slaughter: Polish Warmblood Mare to Go Back East. This Time was to be Her Last Journey

In the photo, left, Alexandrine is still with the horse trader. The Arte team was filming. The warmblood mare could't have a better pedigree and was born on 30.3.2006 in Poland. She was obviously destined for top sporting performance. Being marked for a death transport to the East must have arisen because of her performance. Perhaps she was to be kept as a breeding mare and that didn't work either. Then, not much time is wasted. Even young and talented horses coldheartedly are confronted with a death scheme. It was lucky for Alexandrine that we were there.

Photo right: Lama Tamka welcomes Alexandrine to Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf. Now her life is good. But at Gut Aiderbichl only her life counts. Not her performance and her looks. She can live under the protection of Gut Aiderbichl for always.

Alexandrine (left) and young five-year-old Pergamon, with a similar history and the same pedigree - he arrived on the same day at our sanctuary.
In Arte's documentary you can look over our shoulder as we work! Become a member of Aiderbichl and support our animal rescues - help animals in dire need...

Report dated 17. November 2014
 Wonderful photo: Aiderbichl Under the Rainbow!
After 13 Other Homes, Calico Came to Us
As often discussed, the breed of a dog plays a big part in behaviour. Since 2010 the supposedly aggressive Dalmatian, Dillon, has been living with us - he was given up with a whole list of bad incidents. We never had a problem with him. Now it's Calico (7 yrs.) with a similar pre-history. We wanted to give him a chance and so last week he became an Aiderbichler...

One of these two rainbows could be for Calico. He found a pot of gold - finally a home he can rely on!

His past must have been terrible. His many scars suggest this. He lost his home thirteen times and was considered dangerous. His breeder recommended to euthanize him. The people, who didn't get along with this dog, forgot why Dalmatians were originally reared. They were like security for travellers: they followed coachmen and were protectors. Only the most aggressive were bred and they certainly didn't let strangers touch them.

Calico is now living with Andreas, our dog trainer, and in safe hands. Andreas already compiled a profile beforehand. Calico can actually only be kept by experienced dog experts. If a boisterous game gets too wild, he snaps, if he has the feeling somebody could harm him (old wounds). But what touched Andreas was that after Calico snapped at him, he immediately came to show that it wasn't meant like that and hopefully everything is working out fine! He wants to stay - he's given us a clear signal. And we'll keep him with us, unless someone gets in touch and offers a lifelong special care place on behalf of Gut Aiderbichl. He can stay - and he'll be fine. Just like his fellow dog, Dillon, who has been living with us for four years and hasn't snapped at anyone once.
Aiderbichl keeper, Hannes, with Dillon at Gut Aiderbichl Carinthia
At Gut Aiderbichl there are 300 animal keepers and extremely experienced dog experts. We trust them with the dogs that are supposedly aggressive and have made a name for themselves. We already rescued plenty of dogs! They weren't euthanized because we guaranteed the authorities that we would keep them away from peaple with no experience of dogs. Gut Aiderbichl offers its dogs 160,000 square metres of open-air, yet enclosed running meadows. These unique conditions with corresponding trained keepers need funding. Please support our canine projects on behalf of our non-profit foundations. Please become an Aiderbichl member!

Report dated 13. November 2014
 A young foal mare born in March...
Foal Caprice - No Need for the Butcher
We still take emergency calls for foals. This time from Switzerland. Foal mare Caprice was not considered for breeding and because there are so many foals she didn't find a home with a private owner. Aiderbichl member Beatrice heard about the story and purchased Caprice and took her to Gut Aiderbichl France. That's exactly where plenty of rescued horses already live. Beatrice gifted her country estate here to us several years ago...
They Could Live until 40, But...

After her arrival, Caprice, was calling days after her mother...

... only a few foals get to do that. The worst thing is that, aside from horse-racing, most horse lovers see themselves as animal lovers. They want to own a horse and when they are at the dealer's, they get carried away. Suddenly, they have standards and only want the very best. It's as though the tears of the losers are erased from their hearts. Caprice is just as delightful as the best breeding horses. That her marks aren't so distrinctive as they should be has nothing to do with her heart and soul.

Caprice, Diego and Fernando

It's quite different among horses. Last year we rescued Diego and Fernando from certain death. They began grazing so that Caprice - sesperately calling for her Mom - would calm down. It's as if they said, "Here, at Gut Aiderbichl France, we're being well cared for. Nobody wants to do us harm. Besides, we're happy! Every mark and coat colour is always the best in the world of Gut Aiderbichl. Caprice, you're no longer a loser, you're the very best for us here..."

Beatrice Bürchler-Keller gifted her country estate in France and made it possible for morer than 100 foals to continue their lives under the protection of Gut Aiderbichl.
Please support Gut Aiderbichl France with a donation, or become a sponsor for Caprice. Our equine project is unique worldwide and not only helps the happy animals that we can take in! We're persuading people to think differently by spreading the word about our philosophy...

Report dated 30. October 2014
 The Worst Day Should Also Be the Best!
Foal Breeder Shows Heart: Little Thady

Just today, Gut Aiderbichl will rescue three more foals from certain death. That includes a rescue which didn't go as usual. A breeder realized straight after the birth that his piebald-stallion was not good enough to breed. He knew about Gut Aiderbichl and contacted us. Thady should only be sent to the butcher's in the worst case!

The Fate of Foals is not a Talking Point...
Anyone who's experienced with horses already knows it - and so do we, and all Aiderbichl members! The majority of cold-blooded breeds are sent for slaughter even before they see in their first birthday. But even the breeders avoid this topic. Any breeder, who says too much, is also like a traitor. Not that you think warmblood and thoroughbred horses have a better time of it. After various test phases you can say that not more than half of them reach a grand age.

We got to know young Thady on a pasture with his Mom. We shook hands on our agreement with the owner to collect Thady if the weather got too cold, so all animals are at least inside over night. But there's no space for Thady. He would be sold. Although he's handsome, no experienced breeder would purchase him. There might be a slim chance with a private owner. But at auctions there are even better looking animals for the same money - from the viewpoint of buyers who make a purchase based on how horses look.

In a few hours, our Aiderbichl animal rescuer, Birgit, is setting off to Thady - on behalf of all Aiderbichl Friends. Take a look at the photo (top left) if you want to see what awaits horses, if they're not so lucky. It's grim, but it's horrendous if they wait in the same stall were others are bleeding to death - until it's their turn...

But Thady will be spared all that. He can stay living with us and he also owes that to his owner who has vision. It's obvious that the Aiderbichl philosophy is reaching more and more people! But Thady will still be sad and not understand why his Mom can't join him. He'll cry for her for days. Perhaps his Mom will also come to live here one day - we're keeping in contact with the owner.
Things get even worse for foals now in the autumn. Hundreds and thousands of them have already been transported abroad. But here they are also processed into dog meat. What's probably the most groteque: people, who love their dog feed them horsemeat - and they've got no idea! They're mostly led to believe there is no alternative - but there are in case of allergies.

Please help us as soon as you read this! Then we could rescue other foals and spare them a lot of suffering. So Thady can stay with us permanently, please arrange a sponsorship for him!

Report dated 26. October 2014
 Gut Aiderbichl is putting the light on from now on!
Three snow-white donkeys were in distress...
Aiderbichl Imperial donkey, Crown Prince Rudolph needs to get ready! A small donkey family is competing with him at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf. The identical breed and same steel-blue eyes! They had hit hard times and their owner would have preferred to euthanize them than give them away to an uncaring home. Naturally, they also had to stay together. Little Andi also brought along two Moms. That's also necessary with his temperament. They take turns to try and educate the youngster to be good: Sophie and Emely...

The main story in our Christmas TV show this year
Saturday, 6 December 2014 at 20.15 on ORF 2

Andi, Sophie and Emely

During our filming on the threatened extinction of Baroque donkeys, we were alerted to the fate of several donkeys. Every animal owner's nightmare came true for the owner of two mares and a foal. The lease for the urgently needed field, where the donkeys were kept true to their own kind, had been terminated.

Another difficulty was that their owner had high hopes of their new home. Werever the three arrived, they had to have at least the same conditions as wiht her. That's understandable, as they were like her children. You can watch her fond farewell to them in our show "Advent at Aiderbichl". She put all her hope in one sulution and managed to find her dream for her three donkeys - a place at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf. Is that all to do with the mysticism surrounding this exceptional donkey species? White donkeys are regarded as lucky omens or animals that turn on a light!!! In this case - it worked out!

There's also a sad reason why little Andi has two Moms. Emely (the bigger mare) lost her foal shortly before its birth...
Altough these three feel safest when they're together, sometimes they also join in the big donkey parades in Henndorf. That's quite impressive - and typical for their species! They roam free in large formations around our big farm estate. It's like this is the best thing in the world for them! But Andi also likes to take a look around on his own.


And of course, a meeting with little Marie was also on the agenda. The donkey family will soon be introduced to Crown Prince Rudolph!
Gut Aiderbichl's donkey project is unique for its size and long-term planning. Please continue to give us your support. Why not become a sponsor or make a donation to our non-profit foundations? Please help us so we can always lend a hand when we hear of animals in need!

Report dated 21. October 2014
 No emergency for somebody who helps animals...
Four String-Tied & Abandoned Goats!

On Tuesday, 21 Ocotber 2014, our animal keepers in Deggendorf made a shocking discovery at their entrance gates: four white goats were tied together with old string! They were heartessly abandoned. They could have strangled themselves and were crying bitterly. But ore white goats are also among our new arrivals...

Like a Scene from a US Horror Film

Only one hoof wrong, one false move would have been enough - one of the kid goats could have been strangled in the confusion of string tied up by some crazy person. Especially since goats are very lively.

There was certainly no perverse intent behind this - no deliberate animal torture. But the situation meant approaching the abandoned animals wihth extra care. Somebody behaved like a thief in the night - and then quickly drove off - that's how it must have happened.

At first they were still very nervous, but they were safe at Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf.

These goats (above) were also in distress. Their owner, who had no funds, and was seriously ill with kidney problems, passed away. Her last wish was for her goats and other animals to be able to relocate to Gut Aiderbichl. We couldn't refuse this legacy. Luckily, we still had enough capacity in Gänserndorf.

At Gut Aiderbichl Gänserndorf, which belongs to our non profit Austria foundation, we have created a wonderful paradise for goats! Now, 104 rescued Aiderbichl goats live here in the best conditions. This haven is funded from donations, gifts and legacies.

The four goats abandoned on Tuesday, 21th October outside our entrance gates in Deggendorf are entirely dependent on sponsoships: Mellie, Marina and the two billy goats, now called Heinz and Rex. We now urgently need sponsors for them - so we have the funds to cover their stay with us! Please become a sponsor!

Report dated 13. October 2014

 Baby-Boom at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf!
Little donkey Marie is celebrating with 4 lambs
These animals babies are so lucky! They were born in autumn, but the weather couldn't be better. Whenever we accept pregnant resued animals, we expect youngsters. Mariechen is now a real sensation - with our visitors as well as other animals. What they don't know is that we'll soon accept a young donkey. Then, we're also waiting for two young calves to be born...
Yesterday, Kerstin was out taking pictures in fabulous sunshine and blue skies...

They're mammals in the truest sense of suckling animals!

Perfectly healthy and always with them - their very own "milk bar". Mom Wanja soesn't mind at all. She enjoys her baby being so healthy.

Plenty of uncles and aunts stand around Mariechen full of curiosity!

Mariechen was born exactly one week ago at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf. We'll be delighted after the first week passes by well. She's then over the worst, you could say. But the sheep are also welcoming newcomers.

Mom Uta and her lambs - now 14 days old...

Florian (l.) and Ginger (r.) enjoying the warm weather. We urgently need sponsors!

Ela's lambs Mango and Porter are not even a week old. Mango is a little weak and needs feeding up with a vitamin cocktail.

Our thanks go to all our Friends of Aiderbichl an dpatrons - thanks to you we can help so many animals without limits. Please continue to give us your support!

Report dated 10. August 2014
 His Life Saved by Sponsors and Facebook Friends
"Ex-School Horse" Bruno's Grand Arrival!
We thought we would have to say "no" this time. So we took a risk and posted the story of 20-year-old ex-school horse Bruno. We appealed for sponsors to pledge their support. And a few days later - ta-dah! Bruno could travel to our sanctuary and was spared the worst. His life can go on at Gut Aiderbichl ... a moving video

Nobody Dreamed Of This
Gut Aiderbichl reaches out to many like-minded people thanks to the scope of its work. People have realized we're not interested in quickly saying "yes" and then life continues in some sort of Nirvana. All the animals that we accept will stay with us until the end of their natural lives.

Group photo with lady: fr. l. Michael, Paul, horse Bruno, Nicole and Michael (sr.)
Nicole played an important role in this rescue - the same as for other ex-riding school colleagues of Bruno - Ronja, Wengo and Harlim - already under our protection. Nicole didn't give up and worked so that the horses she knew about in the riding school were not sent for slaughter.

But wihtout animal lovers' spontaneous help in response to our call for help via our website and their contacting Paul Kaiser in Deggendorf, things would have been difficult. Gut Aiderbichl already has more than 700 rescued horses and a huge responsibility - so initially we had to hesitate about Bruno. As soon as his future was financially secure, our rescuers set off to collect him.

Bruno the same day. A few hours have changed everything...

Without riding schools there would be no riders and much fewer horses. Seen from this angle they certainly have an entitlement. But what kind of horses are purchased by riding schools? Usually, their owners have grown tired of them. And many horses have a distressing time dealing with this abrupt life change.

Bruno (20 yrs.) was available "for hire" by the hour, like the other horses. When his riders were being trained, like above, he understood their "hints". It's all about the nuances, for instance, transferring weight, pressure from the rider's legs and many more techniques. When a horse has understood these signals and the rider knows how to make them, the horse senses mututal trust.

But whenever inexperienced riders were on Bruno's back, his nerves were really tested. It's the same for all horses in a riding school. He had to suppress his instincts and learn to process confusing commands. That's not even the worst. Hopeful riders bring along their fantasies - some try and behave like sportsmen and others like cowboys. Many grow tired of riding after the first muscle strain - and the horses have a tough life.

Only a few ex-riding school horses are lucky enough to enjoy retirement. They're usually sold to dealers by the kilo and without even having had a fulfilled life. Then, they're traded and mainly slaughtered in a faraway country. The last thing they experience is anonymous transport. Often, they're maltreated. When they struggle for breath at the slaughterhouse all they can sense is the blood of other horses. They then get scared - that's their age-old instinct. The stench makes them want to flee. But they can't do that any more. Things couldn't be any crueler...

A huge thanks to everyone who saved Bruno! Please support our Aiderbichl equine project. It's surely the biggest and best of its kind worldwide!

Report dated 4. August 2014
 Aiderbichl or a fatal injection!
The Gruesome Ultimatum for 2 Cats

We would also prefer taking in animals in need according to plan and all in good time. But the rality is different. Lavendel (14 yrs.) and Jimmy (3 yrs.) belong to her neighbour, who was in hospital and near death, the animal rescuer explained. Nobody could or wanted to look after the cats in his apartment. We have to make a decision where to keep them here and now. Otherwise, she would take these two to be put down...

Update in brief:
Thank you to everyone who helped Ludmilla, the tethered wow. We purchased her transfer rights! Read more later about how we collected her and hwo she moved in...

Two cats became orphans, as their owner was still alive

Lavendel (above) was aged over fourteen years and meant everything to her owner. But when Martina, our animal carer, took her in she was outlawed and unwanted...

... the same as 3-year-old black tomcat, Jimmy. Only a few days before they were a threesome with their owner. But he was ill, went into hospital and close to the end of his life. He was unable to protect his four-legged, and probably best friends. The cold, rational air of our society blew into the faces of the timid animals. Who was going to feed them? Who would clean out their litter tray? Nobody was willing to help. But thanks to a neighbour, they were spared the worst: death by fatal injection. Before she visited the vet, she made a detour to Gut Aiderbichl.

"If you don't take them in, I'll drive to the next vet and have them put to sleep", said the rescuer to Martina, our animal carer. She seemed so determined, there was no doubt she meant what she'd just said. Martina acted at once - on behalf of all Aiderbichl members. They could stay, although we hadn't planned to accept any cats.

We appeal to evereyone reading this short, but shocking report about cats, which is probably not unique, to give us your support. Please sponsor Lavendel and Jimmy (from € 10.00 monthly) or make a donation to our non-profit foundations. And take out pet insurance for your animals - in case the worst happens - so you don't have to experience something like this! Find out mor details about pet insurance from Wüstenrot and Gut Aiderbichl!

Report dated 1. August 2014
 Hilde and Helga - fire survivors - now in Henndorf
The Imploring Message of the "Fire Survivor Cows"
A sad occasion. A major fire on a farm causes us to think hard about what we humans do to bovines. Watch Benno's account of the big fire in a thought-provoking video. Gut Aiderbichl repeatedly gives an unrivalled insight into the lives of cows, bulls and calves. We're supported by our over 500 rescued bovines. They have a low priority on the list of people's sympathies, but they are still sensitive creatures...

Why Do We Maintain a Distance to These Animals?
Stages of suffering:

The seven surviving cows from a major fire - 125 milking cows suffered a torturous death in the flames - were taken in by a neighbouring farmer. They had no experience of being tethered and their burns were itching badly.

Hilde (left) and red-spotted Helga have been tethered in file for more than three weeks in the stall, and they are waiting to find out what is to happen to them. Although if they were to live for longer, they would stay in this unusual tethered stall. In October the farmer ist giving up his farm!

Helga good-naturedly followed her farmer who insisted on loading her himself
We would have preferred to take all the others in the stall. Nobody knows what's ahead for them. From the moment a dealer purchases them, anything can happen to them. Perhaps they'll be transported overseas, or be slaughtered without tranquillizers or they come to an end at a large-scale slaughterhouse. None of them had a life. Hilde and Helga survived the fire and were able to relocate to Gut Aiderbichl. Meanwhile, they arrived at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf.

Helga (above) and Hilde (below) twelve hours after their arrival in Henndorf. Although they lived in a open stall (that burned down), they had never in their lives been out on a pasture. Despite serious burn injuries, they appeared to be tranformed, as they'd been tethered for three weeks. Now they've realized that from today they can live in a way true to their nature and leap into their new lives!

Problems of Bovines In Our Day and Age:

Breeding: The only aim is to achieve the best output - for milk and meat.

Our Aiderbichl cow Resi is emaciated to the bone, and an old cow. She has reached a good age and she isn't putting on weight - that's method. But before she arrived at our sanctuary, she gave up to 8,000 litres of milk annualy (in 1970 the average output was only 4,000 litres). That was her destiny and explains why she was bred this way. It's just a shame that the milk produced by her and other "turbo-cows" is so cheap that we consumers throw away more than 30 per cent.

Keeping cows:

This cow hasn't left her stall since she was born. She can hardly move and her legs are already malformed. This is no shocking isolated case, but the norm. Straw is expensive and so isn't used. But econimizing is pointless...
We would dearly love to purchase the transfer rights for this cow. Maybe there is a sponsor whose commitment will motivate us to collect the calf? Please become a sponsor from only € 10.00 monthly.

Anybody who likes a plateof meat or a juicy steak must be clear that "fattening calves"have to live up to two years in a cramped stall. And on a slatted floor. Even if they arrive from living with their mothers, their destiny is the fattening stall. Many people have no idea about this. Only occasionally can you look into their sad eyes.

A "selfie" with calves at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf. Their presence, and of many other bovines, makes it possible to get closer to these animals. Unfortunately, as long as animals must suffer so much, there is only one sulution for people, who appreciate this message: to stop eating meat altogether.

Hansi Süß at Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf treats the burn injuries on Arabella

Report dated 28. July 2014
 Only 7 made it - 125 milk-cows burned
Only seven cows survive the inferno!

Stories of burning farms, with animals unable to escape shake animal lovers to the core, as they can imagine the agony and pain the animals go through before they are burned alive. A couple of weeks ago 125 dairy cows were burned when their farm caught fire. Eight managed to escape. One was found dead with a burned tongue. But the other seven were rescued and are now on Gut Aiderbichl.

Their Agonies must have been unbelievable
On June 28th 2014 at 2:44 a big dairy farm caught fire of unbelievable e dimensions. 125 dairy cows could not escape. The wer burned alive. The farmer and his mother suffered a sock and slight burns. Some of the cows who run out ran back to the stable and got burned. This happens quite often. Horses also decide to run back into the flames when they are in shock. We found out about the story by one of our members and contacted the farmer. Still devastated he was happy to give us the survived cows.

This cow also did not make it. It had to be put down due to the severe burns.

Cosima was lucky. She run far enough and hid for three weeks. What she went through, her burned back and the fact that she was not milked strained her.

Arabella (above) had burns on her tongue. Her fellow cow who had a completely burned tongue did not survive.  But also Arabellas back is still covered in wundes. On Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf, were these two cows now live, our specialist do their best to make the wounds heal and the animal to forget this terrible experience. 

Our cow herd is already huge. Seven new cows is an additional financial burden. Please do support us in this case. 

Two dogs lost on the highway were saved by volunteers of Gut Aiderbichl.
Two dogs on Austria’s biggest highway connecting Munich to Vienna were saved by volunteers of  Gut Aiderbichl. Following a radio announcement on two dogs running lost on the A1 highway, our volunteer Hans went there straight and took care of the situation. The police closed the main road and Hans got the dogs. Thanks to their implanted microchips we found the owner. They were not abandoned as it is so often the case on the A1 highway. The dogs managed to escape from the garden and got trapped on the highway. Dogs and owner are now happily reunited. 

Date 26. Juli 2014

Little animal family stays united, thanks to Gut Aiderbichl.

A sweet little animal family was facing a disaster: the 30 year old Haflinger type mare Asti, and the two goat ladies Annalena and Ida, both 8 years old, were about to lose their home. The landlord terminated the lease contract in very short notice and the farmer family was forced to give up their beloved animals. But were to take them? The best scenario would be to separate them the worst we do not even want to think about! We took them over and they now live happily together on Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf,  the so called ‘Gertraud-Gruber-Osterseehof’ estate, were they already have found a new friend: Michl, the he goat who came to us two years ago! Being as happy as we are having now lovely old Asti with us, we cannot stop thinking of the foal action that is, as always, to take place in autumn. More than 90% of the male foals are then being slaughtered. Why that? Because we humans believe that they have to have  a very specific look in order to be considered as representative of their bread.

Date: 14. July 2014

Our newcomer Pamplono: a  hairless bull calf
For sure it is one in a million:  bull calf burn with no hair at all. Luckily it was born in an animal loving farmer family. The farmers took care of the little calf and asked Michael Aufhauser to take it over. He accepted under the condition, that the mother of the calf would also accompany little Pamplono. So mother Beauty and Pamplono came to Aiderbichl.  Please watch the Video.  We insisted on taking the mother as we oppose to the usual practice of painfully taking the calf shortly after his birth away from its mother in order to use the mother’s milk for humans.  Although mother Beauty came from a happy home, not traumatized, little Pamplono really got to know his mother only after both arrived on Gut Aiderbichl.   But we wanted to convey one more message through our hairless baby calf. We called  him “Pamplono” after the Spanish city Pamplona were bull fighting is still allowed and even funded by the EU. Gut Aiderbichl strongly opposes this practice. Beauty and Pamplono will stay until the end of their life with us - like all app. 500 cows of Gut Aiderbichl. Pamplno will his whole life need  special care. He is more sensitive to wounds and before going out in the sun he will need to be protected by sun crème.


Report dated 1
2. July 2014

... Neymar bevore and after the operation...

Report dated
9. July 2014

Conchita, a mare with an imperial beard”

This year Eurovision song contest winner Conchita made with her appearance a statement for minorities.  Now we, Gut Aiderbichl, rescued a mare with a beard. She makes a statement for the bitter fate of the majority of the horses. Her owner was, according to the horse trader, insisting having her killed, in spite of the fact that she was only 6 years old.

A life ‘with seven seals”

When we spotted her, the horse trader was under tremendous pressure as he had just received an offer to export horses to Russia for slaughter. We immediately bought all horses for slaughter of that day and took them with us to our estate. One of them was the real beauty Conchita, an Irish Tinker Horse (also known as Gypsy Cob Horse). 

Tinker Horses are native to the British Isles, where they were used to pull the vardoes. They are reliable workhorses which became in our society fashionable in the 90s.  Conchita was standing frightened and nervous on the trade market.  Horse groom Eva and Michael Aufhauser were trying to calm her down while taking a glance at her papers. It is unbelievable that this beautiful horse is being offered by kilo price, already at the beginning of its young life.

The abundant leg feathering was  covered with urine and faeces. The last days have been for sure hell for the horse. Why that, we were told by the horse dealer: her owner was insisting on taking the horse to be slaughtered. How could that be possible? What is for sure is that the person who once owned Conchita abandoned her leaving her to her destiny. This unfortunately happens very often and actually almost always when it comes to horses. We always do research on the history of the horses we take over. It sometime takes our breath away. A lot of horses were once successful, expensive, sought-after and loved. Then comes the terrible fall, caused by humans.

Two „Slaughter-horses“, as horse dealers call them, enjoying themselves on the fields of Gut Aiderbichl. Conchita has by now understood that there is neither a long transportation to Russia awaiting her nor an awful death.

But what can each and every one of us do, we are being often asked. First of all never buy horsemeat or shoes made of horse leather and also never buy dog food that contains horsemeat. This is the only way to make sure that a new market niche, the one of horsemeat, will not boom further.

If this story has touched you as much as it has touched us, please do support us or take over a patronage.

Report dated  05. July 2014

Dramatic Emergencies Here and From Greece
Dog Neymar and 17-year-old Bernie
We collected Greek male dog, Neymar, with a severe broken leg and immediately took him to the emerency animal clinic. It's still not clear whether he can keep his leg. Back home he had no chance. 17-year-old Westie dog, Bernie, lost her home and came to live at our sanctuary... read more:

A New Start and A New Life for Two Really Poor Animals

The lifelines of humans and animals can be entirely different than you might think. From being a puppy, 17-year-old Bernie was by her owner’s side. Now, they were both visiting us and the dog owner described her dilemma. Bernie was permanently affected by parasites, half blind, with a heart condition and incontinent. The owner didn’t want to put her to sleep. But for the sake of her family, especially the young children, the family had reached a democratic decision: Bernie (17 yrs.) could not go with them to their new apartment.


The courageous dog understood. She good-naturedly submitted to a thorough examination. It turned out that she had no heart condition – this was the wrong diagnosis, a frequent occurrence. The whole family brought Bernie to us, along with her aluminium bowls, her favourite food and lots more. The heart tablets had run out. A stroke of luck, as Bernie no longer needed them! The parasite problem could be treated. This was caused by two harmless mites that should disappear thanks to a spot-on treatment.

This was a case for Dieter Ehrengruber personally. He instantly took the Westie dog home. Actually, her incontinence was initially slightly underplayed. As if she’d been knocked out, after three nights of wiping up and airing, he was at least able to confirm that Bernie has a very healthy appetite and is otherwise in good spirits. We’re concerned about a shadow spot on her lung that was discovered during the examination. There’s not much we can do about that, though perhaps check her eyes. In any case, Bernie is now living at our sanctuary – a true Aiderbichler who found her way to us in the autumn of her life!

Dog Neymar from Greece

We collected Greek male dog, Neymar, with a severe broken leg and immediately took him to the emerency animal clinic. It's still not clear whether he can keep his leg.

Report dated 27 March 2014
New Rescues: Carola & Rita
Goat "Sternchen" was left at our sanctuary as a last act of despair. A goat breeder had given up and was now desperately looking for a home for them. Fast forward a few months to now - and Sternchen has delivered twins to live their new life at Gut Aiderbichl Eslarn! Meanwhile, Samira has made a big name for herself in Henndorf. The season will soon get going when kid goats and new lambs arrive. Maybe Samira will touch peoples's hearts...

Good that Kid Goats Can't Divine What's on the Internet

Puppies and kittens captivate people. They enjoy watching them pove them! So it's similar when kid goat Samira walks across the yard. You can't see her enough - she's a joy to watch! If you search for "kid goat" online, you'll find out more about how to cook them than their fantastic nature. You're advised about rosemary and sweet and sour parsnips or rack of goat wrapped in filo pastry.

There was more dreadful news recently from the "killer zoo" in Copenhagen. Four healthy lions were killed at one go - due to lack of space. We can only hope no animal lover sets out to visit a zoo again. Because if you do, you're expressing tacit approval. Should humans behave in that uncivilized way?

At Gut Aiderbichl we think differently. We're approaching Easter from 4 April without any cruelty to animals. We're looking forward to new arrivals - kid goats and lambs. They can stay with us until the end of their natural lives. We respect and love them.

Dieter Ehrengruber visits the Aiderbichl goats in Eslarn and looks forward to the arrival of kid goats: Rita and Carola

Mom of twins - Sternchen (3 yrs.)

Rita                                                                   Carola

Visit us at the Easter Market at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf from next weekend! This Monday a new kid goat (and Mom) are arriving. Then Samira will finally have a playmate of her own age and kind!

Report dated 23. March 2014
 Same Every Year: Aiderbichl Wild Animal Rescues
Only Guests: Rabbit Orphans
You should definitely help field hares when they've been orphaned. Every year Gut aiderbichl accepts lots of orphaned baby animals, including field hares. While fawns, especially when they're injured, can move to our spacious outdoor enclosure at Gut Aiderbichl Carinthia, that only works out occasionally for field hares... Video...

New in Henndorf: Ronja and Ellie, our two female donkeys...

Spring is Dangerous for Many Animals

If you visit our Gut Aiderbichl sanctuary in Henndorf you'll notice that on either side of the roads there are fences to protect the toads. Animal lovers build these every year to prevent traffic accidents. Now the frogs and toads are on the move! The fences are also being put up right now in Deggendorf. But young field hares, now an endangered species, are also in danger as newborns. Hares are vulnerable to other wild animals, accidents and loss of their natural habitat.

Maria Gmachl, Aiderbichl's vet, and her colleague are bottle-rearing our four orphaned hares. They're at her home and vet's practice, as they need milk all day long.

We've often tried to keep the hares fenced in at our sanctuary estates. But they love wide open spaces and also the option of hiding and meeting their own kind. In captivity they're usually unhappy and die young. We've cultivated copses and hedgerows so that the young hares can hide awae if they need to. But that's no guarantee they can safely enjoy their lives. But we're giving the orpahns a new start in life right now!

Please help us with your donations and animal sponsorships - so we can always accept animals if they need a place!

A warm welcome to our Aiderbichl newcomers thanks to the animal insurance scheme! Ronja (6 yrs., left) and Ellie (8 yrs., right). Their owner planned ahead for them, as she had to change her life plans. We wish them both a great life at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf!

Report dated 20. March 2014
 New Video of ex- "Devil's Stallion"
Pony Lusi - "Scary for Kids"!

We're always accepting dogs considered especially difficult. This is now a growing trend with horses and will soon mean we're compromised on space. Now, the 13-year-old Shetty mare, Lusi, has arrived at our sanctuary. Instead of going riding with the kids, she loved chasing them - that's what her former owner told us! However, he tried to understand her. Maybe Lusi learned to scare the children at her former owner's - a riding school for ponies.

Without the kids there'd probably be no ponies, but...

Our pony and donkey family in Carinthia looks on with mixed feelings at the new arrival, self-confident Lusi. Winnetou, the little donkey (fr.l.) had already pulled in his tail as a precaution. But then...

Susi is well groomed, has a wonderful mane and good hip joints. All this suggests her woner only wanted the best. But he was faced with a difficult decision. What if Lusi were to hit out at one of his children or a local child and to injure them? The young farmer (36 years) is also an Aiderbichl member and knew that if he were to part with Lusi she would be transported to the slaughterhouse in Italy. He tried to find her a home for four years. Lusi loves grown-ups, but something must have happened when she started at her former riding school. The ponies often get used to the days when they're left totally in peace. Then, at the weekend and during the holidays, when the children arrive and are stressed. Not every horse has the nerves to stand this.

Legolas is the same age and has already found a friend. Lusi is also extremely intelligent. Early in the morning on the walk to the spacious meadows, she good-naturedly joins the others. But only to return in the evening on roundabout routes that she finds herself. She is simply an individualist and at Gut Aiderbichl Carinthia she can stay true to her nature!

The job wasn't done when Maurice, the dangerous Haflinger, was rescued. He also wanted to rebel against humans - not towing the line. Sooner or later that would have been his death wish. Since 31 January 2014 he lives under the protection of Gut Aiderbichl. Benno was on hand with the camera when he was let out onto the open meadows. And Maurice could't be happier and better behaved. That certainly has something to do with other horses giving him the sign that there's no stress at Gut Aiderbichl. And Lusi should feel as happy as this, too!

Please support our foundation sanctuaries. Gut Aiderbichl Carinthia is among them. You can become a "Plus" animal sponsor supporting our equine projects or make a donation so we can help as many animals in need as possible.

Their Situation Changed At One Go
And not just for the Icelandic horses, but also for their owners. The husband wasn't even ready to retire and fell ill - he needed full-time nursing care. His wife became his carer - day and night - and can no longer keep the two horses.

Stjarna (28 yrs.) and Birti (29 yrs.)

These two have had a new lease of life! You could call it a second birthday. And for the owners, the search for a new place couldn't have ended better. Life is beautiful! We helped out thanks to the generosity of countless Aiderbichl members. Please carry on supporting us, so we can lend a hand - to humankind and animals - in cases just like these.

If Birti and Stjarna are lucky, they have at least another ten happy years living at our sancutary.

Latest News: Young Horses Die at England's Cheltenham Festival
Our Conor (5yrs.), Akdam (4 yrs.), Steck The Deck (5 yrs.), Raya Star (8 yrs.)

Just recently we reported on horrendous horse races in Europe. That was because we accepted the horse "Il en Rêve" - twice a starter in Pardubice.
But the cruellest horse racing takes place in England. Since 2007, at the Cheltenham Festival in England there were 51 fatalities among racehorses. The organzizers give the excuse that the races create 6,000 jobs.

Please register your protest and write to the organzizers, or write to us - and we'll forward your letter!

Report dated 10 November 2013

SOS for Our Stray Dogs Project!!!

Our new project since autumn: we’re now lending a big helping hand to stray dogs in eastern and southern Europe! To continue our support, we need everyone who loves animals to get involved. Street dogs Bella and Mary-Linda gave birth to 24 puppies at our sanctuary. Watch our video (no shocking pictures!) and see how wonderful their lives can be. No dog deserves to be stoned, kicked or gassed. The young puppies are trying to show everyone what sensitive creatures they are.

Aiderbichl’s New Project for Stray Dogs is Long-Term

Urgent Appeal for Donations – Action Aid

  Babis’s kneecaps ...                           Glika is covered in injuries          Daisy has heartworms
Since we launched our new Gut Aiderbichl project to help stray dogs (in autumn), we’ve already supported 150 dogs on location and at our sanctuaries. Please give us your support so we can continue to help these dogs and many more! This is a new initiative and has to be self-funding. Gut Aiderbichl already cares for more than 5,000 animals – they’re under our protection for always. But we cannot leave stray dogs in dire need to fend for themselves. If we all work together, we can continue to prevent this suffering and injustice.

Our Work is Worthwhile

Bella was already pregnant when she arrived at our sanctuary. A young Aiderbichl member, Laura (aged 10), discovered her on a busy road in northern Greece. Because Laura was young, Bella trusted her and tolerated a car journey. But Bella’s story made us very worried. Dog carer Juliane is highly experienced and organized a day- and night-support service when the puppies were born. Their temperature had to be just right – to avoid the risk of herpes. Juliane, her team and Aiderbichl voluntee
rs fed the dogs every two hours. Twelve puppies – that was too much for Bella. They all survived. If they had been born at the roadside, they wouldn’t be alive today.

Baywatch in Henndorf where Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff already paid a visit!

Little Oprah has two different coloured eyes: Greek blue and Austrian blue! She was the smallest puppy when she was born and we had plenty of trouble keeping her alive. The puppies have play quarters with thick glazed walls. If you visit us in Henndorf, you can experience Bella’s puppies close up – without disturbing them! 

Gut Aiderbichl doesn’t find new homes for the animals. That said if anybody can give a Gut Aiderbichl rescue animal a loving home, which is true to the animal’s nature, there’s an opportunity to apply for a place as a special carer and to give an animal the option of a good home. This can become a lifelong arrangement for the animal. And because Aiderbichl animals always remain Aiderbichler, if needed, they can always return to Gut Aiderbichl at any time.

Please think about sponsoring an animal – or help us by making a donation! That’s the only way we can continue helping so many animals in need.

Remember: on Sunday, 8 December the repeat of the 2007 Christmas show will be screened at 15.15 on HR3.

Donations from Germany:
Gut Aiderbichl Foundation Germany 

Reference: “Fund for Stray Dogs in Need”
BANK CODE: 70 120 700 • ACCOUNT: 8041102867


Donations from Austria:
Gut Aiderbichl Foundation Austria
Reference: “Fund for Stray Dogs in Need”
BANK CODE: 15 090 • ACCOUNT: 121 358 006


Donations from Switzerland:
Gut Aiderbichl Foundation Switzerland
Reference: “Fund for Stray Dogs in Need”
Zürcher Kantonalbank
Account: 1100-2932.344

IBAN: CH59 0070 0110 0029 3234 4

Donations from other countries:
Gut Aiderbichl Foundation Austria
Reference: “Fund for Stray Dogs in Need”

IBAN: AT11 1509 0001 2135 8006


Report dated 03 December 2013
 Magical Sponsors’ Event in Iffeldorf
Carmi Can See Again ... BUT ...

Carmi’s story couldn’t be more tragic. A year ago she went blind. Thanks to an operation, her sight is now restored in one eye and she can tell light and dark using her other eye. But there’s another bad diagnosis.

Introducing alpaca Laika! Aiderbichl members celebrate the first day of Advent in Iffeldorf and Henndorf reports 3,000 visitors on the same day!

Carmi is Now Happy – She has No Idea how Sick She Is

After seven years as a lab research dog, Gut Aiderbichl succeeded in arranging her transfer. Carmi lived for five long and happy years at a wonderful Aiderbichl care place in Italy with a friend of Michael Aufhauser. Because of her diabetes she went totally blind last year. Now her “mistress” passed away and she returned to us and moved into Michael Aufhauser’s home. First it was important to find the best eye specialist for her. He advised an operation. This enabled Carmi to see again – like a miracle!

Carmi after her arrival from Italy and just photographed. The grey veil has vanished.

That’s the good news and this brave dog really earned it. But before her operation she had an examination at a clinic. The specialist’s parting comment was, “Give her a good life.” Carmi is suffering from cancer and it would be too painful to expose her to chemotherapy or an operation. Like Kiara and Daisy, we’re putting our faith in happiness hormones – they’ll probably help her the most.

Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf – the Magic of This Place

Michael Aufhauser invited Aiderbichl sponsors to a meeting in Iffeldorf on the first day of Advent! We were prepared for two or three time slots for his session on the upper level of the building. It’s winter, after all, and everyone likes to keep warm. Then, the usual sponsors’ event miracle happened: the sky cleared and it warmed up! You could even see the whole Alpine panorama and the Zugspitze! So we only needed one session for all our sponsors. All attendees will confirm that it was a wonderful and harmonious occasion. Photographer Kerstin set out looking for snapshot opportunities:

Homemade decorations live and wonderful wreaths at the small Christmas market

 Hansi always manages to make boar Oskar talk!


Enjoying meeting the animals, happy children or the tower brass group! It’s Advent at Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf. Even if you have already visited Henndorf, or you’re planning a visit there, you should also come to our sanctuary at Iffeldorf.


Report dated 24 November 2013
Magical: Snow on Sunday in Henndorf!
Anti-Bull Fighting: Leo and Gustl

November blues? Not at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf! As if to order and right on time for the Christmas Market, today it snowed for the first time. But the roads are still clear. Two bull calves were spared the fattening regime. Our unique “conditions”: we ask them to join our campaign against bull fighting as World Cultural Heritage, and to be happy!

Two Bull Calves Meet Our Visitors …

A torero has the chance to practise the cruel handiwork. What many people don’t know is that they’re allowed to practise on innocent calves at slaughterhouses.

Gustl (l.) and Leo (r.) a few days ago in Henndorf 

The tortures, which spectators cheer on in the bull ring, are just the tip of the iceberg. Please support our petition to UNESCO to prevent bull fighting receiving World Cultural Heritage status.

Many thousands have already signed our petition, but we’d like to receive even more signatures! Fight against the beginnings …

Visit the Toro lobby website to learn the important background of this issue:

Leo (l.; 22.10.2013) and Gustl (r.; 09.10.2013)

You can also arrange to sponsor our two calves Leo and Gustl on location. Or naturally, online. These two are ideal as lucky adoptees! Gustl was born on 09 October and Leo on 22 October – under the star sign of Libra. As bull calves either they would have been slaughtered as “veal suppliers”, or else they’d be kept as “fattening bulls”. But now they can spend the rest of their natural lives at Gut Aiderbichl! Of course this involves considerable costs. Plus, with over 470 bovines living under our protection, they’re unlikely to get the chance of another mention. Finding sponsors won’t be that easy. So we’re appealing for your support to make sure their lives are never endangered again. Please sponsor Leo and Gustl.

It’s Snowing at the Christmas Market in Henndorf

Bella’s puppies are among the highlights at this year’s Christmas Market in Henndorf. They’re almost going wild in the animals’ living room and for the first time out on the dogs’ exercise meadow! We’re now working on a video that we’ll upload over the next few days. Our visitors’ interest in this year’s Christmas Market in Henndorf couldn’t be better. “Even more tasteful and cosier …!”

Outside for the very first time! Bella’s youngsters born at Gut Aiderbichl. You remember Bella – she arrived from Greece as a pregnant stray dog. We’d welcome anyone who would like to offer a special care place for the young puppies. Please find out more in our latest Gut Aiderbichl Magazine. Online, or – we’re also happy to post you a free copy!

Report dated 15 November 2013
Gérard Depardieu, Kathi Glock and Auma Obama
Fernando and Diego: Their Big Day
The same as usual – the starting signal for Gut Aiderbichl’s Christmas Market was a special moment! But two Freiberg foals had the best day of their lives when instead of arriving at the slaughterhouse they came to Gut Aiderbichl France. Touching words about Aiderbichl from Gérard Depardieu.

Best Day Ever for Two Freiberg Foals – Fernando and Diego. Their Second Birthday.

Diego and Fernando, two young Freiberg foals, were destined for the slaughterhouse. They didn’t make the grade for the stud and we humans classed them as ‘second-rate’. This is the kind of classification you’d usually apply to porcelain.

But how could we explain that, if Fernando and Diego could understand us? “Your life should end because you’re second best.”

We’re indebted to Aiderbichler Beatrice Bürchler-Keller for allowing both foals to relocate to Gut Aiderbichl France. Instead of bleeding to death on a meat hook, they can enjoy the open pastures of our Gut Aiderbichl sanctuary in France. We’re hoping for Aiderbichl members to come forward and sponsor them both.

Fernando (left) and Diego (right) at Gut Aiderbichl France

Celebrity Traffic Queues on the Road to Henndorf
Out of breath – Claudia Jung, Patrick Lindner, DJ Ötzi, Dr. Christine Esterházy, Dunja Rajter, the Meggles, Gräfin Franziska Fugger von Babenhausen and Mauro Bergonzoli, Linda Tellington-Jones, Karl Moik, Karl Merkatz, Jutta Kammann, Christian Wolff, Christa Clarin and Manfred Karremann escaped the traffic queues on the motorways near Gut Aiderbichl. Arriving by air were Kathi Glock, Gérard Depardieu with his daughter Roxane and new Aiderbichl member Dr Auma Obama (her half-brother is US President Barack Obama sen.). Dr Obama campaigns for children in need, and gives lectures on ecological and social sustainability and is a German studies specialist.

Asked if he knew anywhere else like Gut Aiderbichl, Gérard Depardieu replied, “This place is unique!” Although he’s not a vegetarian, Gérard Depardieu was still surprised by the meal specially prepared by our Aiderbichl chefs. “This tastes fantastic!”, he remarked and ordered the Aiderbichl soya Schnitzel twice for himself and his daughter.

 Gérard Depardieu with dog Cedar and Kathi Glock

Gérard Depardieu with daughter Roxane

Christa Clarin with Dr Auma Obama

Today, celebrations are also going on elsewhere – in Munich, for instance. Victoria Beckham has arrived to launch her new accessories and bags collection. Lizards –skinned alive! How do we know that? It was featured in yesterday’s TZ newspaper. This was a highly critical review – thank you for this type of journalism! Maybe there are some Aiderbichl members who have the time and can turn up to the event to remind people of these poor animals?

Report dated 10 November 2013
Dear Aiderbichl Friends,
Are you joining the petition to UNESCO to stop bull fighting as World Cultural Heritage?

Aiderbichler see bulls just the same as dogs and cats –there’s really nothing to tell them apart. Bulls need our love and protection. If they get aggressive at all, it’s only for the purpose of procreation! Young Charly is a typical example – he arrived at our Gut Aiderbichl Kilb sanctuary because an animal lover had noticed him. It’s incredible that bullfighting is now supposed to be part of our world cultural heritage …

All Bovines Urgently Need Our Help Now!
Mini-bovine Iwana (l.) and Charly (r.)

Charly was to be fattened and then slaughtered. An animal lover established a special relationship and begged us to accept him. She recognized what we deal with every day. Bovines are sensitive and bulls are no exception. But plenty of people respect or are even afraid of large animals. So they accept their fate with a shrug of the shoulders. They don’t know that bovines are mostly tortured creatures. Performance breeding and extremely cramped stalls and brutal transport condition their lives – in many cases even in our country.

If we see a picture like this, we’re horrified and suffer along with the maltreated bull. We don’t know anyone who protects animals and looks after a herd of 470 rescued bovines. We know the animals and let them be true to their own nature. 50 farmers care for our larger animals on a daily basis. Then there are the animal keepers, stable hands and vets. Who else – apart from everyone at Gut Aiderbichl – can offer so much accurate information about the nature of bovines?

Moms of Parsifal (l.) and Athos (r.) – rescued from the floods – gave birth at Gut Aiderbichl. Egon was the only one of 173 bulls from his stall to survive the flood. He swam to an island.

If there were no hierarchy among bulls and the associated controversies, they would die out due to incest. But otherwise they’re so peaceful that we never have to use sticks or chains at Gut Aiderbichl. 

Michael Aufhauser recalls his time in Spain and an animal shelter right next to the bull ring. The bulls arrived in total panic the day before – they arrived in darkness and were tormented until the moment they appeared in the arena. Their nerves were already on edge. The rest is no secret. It’s part of the everyday torture in front of spectators. Bullfighting couldn’t be more primitive and cold-blooded. The EU funds bullfighting using our taxes –sometimes directly, and sometimes from tourism revenue. Countless millions are spent every year. Spain’s parliament has now taken the first step and passed a law giving bullfighting special protected status. The next step will be UNESCO’s recognition of bullfighting as World Cultural Heritage.

Please sign our petition, which we will submit to UNESCO, to prevent Spanish bullfighting being included on the UNESCO list of Intangible World Cultural Heritage:

The Bravest Kitten in the World: Agapi
Corradina, the Beautiful White Mare
Compassionate people brought little kitten Agapi to a Greek vet. The kitten had suffered an accident and broken her lower leg, while fracturing her femur on the other side. The vet didn’t want to euthanize Agapi, but kept her going with painkillers – until legal papers arrived for her transfer …

You rarely see a horse with a head as beautiful as Corradina’s. But that was little help for her.

Unfit for Sport, but Healthy: Mare Corradina

The Bavarian crossbreed white mare was only seven years old. She showed great promise as a “show jumping” horse. But then she had back problems and her legs stopped working as well. Her owners and their vets tried all sorts of things. But now they wanted to stop their efforts.

When we decided to accept Corradina, she went through a check-up with our vet and passed with flying colours. Obviously, we didn’t check whether she could jump without any pain. Our vet confirmed she could enjoy the pasture, playing with her own kind and leading a happy life.

Corradina – born on 23.3.2006 under the star sign of Aries – might be lucky and live until she’s over forty years old. So it’s understandable that despite our joy at being able to help, we’re concerned about raising the funds to support her future. Please help us and arrange a sponsorship or make a donation. Perhaps there are others with the star sign Aries, and even sharing the same birthday? Corradina could be a good omen and also bring you the same good luck!

Hope Almost Ran Out for Agapi

We have no idea when Agapi was born, only that she comes from Greece and as a stray cat knew dire suffering. She was badly injured when she was handed in to a vet. At least that was a blessing. But the vet didn’t want to risk the complicated operation on two badly broken legs. After weeks of waiting, Agapi was finally allowed to travel. Gut Aiderbichl arranged for her transfer to the University Clinic in Munich. Would it still be possible to operate on the old fractures?

 Agapi now lives at our Gut Aiderbichl sanctuary in Deggendorf in the care of our animal keepers.

Prof. Dr Meyer-Lindenberg, the Director of the Animal Surgical Clinic, personally took care of Agapi. And now we have great news! Shortly after the operation Agapi could put her weight on all four legs – so it was well worth it! And it’s always worthwhile helping another creature in distress. Whoever questions that and suggests it’s too much trouble has no heart.

For Agapi, we can’t appeal for a “lucky birthday” sponsorship. But you know we’re not really concerned about where our animals were born. It’s true – Agapi is a stray, but she’s worth just as much as an animal with pedigree. They’re all connected by the same destiny: they would not be alive today without the generous support of all Aiderbichl members!

Report dated 04 November 2013
First Pictures from Christmas TV Show –
Heart Attack Playing with Timmy

Little Maltese dog Timmy (10 yrs.) was the apple of his owner’s eye. There was a daily ritual before going to sleep. His owner lay down on the floor and the day drew to a close with fun and games! But that was to be the last time for them both …
Flood rescue cats Peter and Muckerle collected by their owners …

Timmy’s Owner was an Aiderbichl Member ...
It was 22.00 on Saturday evening in Ravensburg. Timmy’s master was lying lifeless on the floor beside him. His 93-year-old mother lives in the same apartment. Several years ago Timmy’s owner organized Aiderbichl pet insurance. He died suddenly at the age of 67. When the late owner’s brother contacted us on Sunday morning, he asked us to collect Timmy as soon as possible. The little Maltese dog is suffering incredibly and the world seems alien to him. Bianca Pöckl jumped in the car and drove to Lake Constance. She arrived to find a sad situation. The mother was even reproaching herself for outliving her son. Timmy was hiding away.

When a travel bag was handed over, he willingly went with Bianca. Today, he has the first night at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf behind him. We’re sure he will soon settle in well here. Every pet owner should think about a moment like this. Family members cannot always take on the responsibility for a pet. Please contact us to find out how to arrange insurance for your pet. If you’re resident in Austria, you have the option of arranging insurance with Wüstenrot. But all Aiderbichl members benefit from our basic offer for pet insurance regardless of their country of residence.

The owners of two cats Peter and Muckerle were overjoyed to hear that their pets were rescued from the flood and are now living at Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf. They collected their cats at the weekend.

This year’s Christmas show will already be broadcast on Saturday, 7 December, at 20.15, and exclusively on ORF 2. Aiderbichl members, who haven’t got ORF 2 pre-set on their TV menu should have time to do this. The show will now be broadcast as “Advent at Aiderbichl”. Francine Jordi and Marc Pircher continue to host the show and details can be found under ‘Entertainment’. But this year more than 50 per cent of the time is devoted to animal stories. Filming is now under way at Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf and yesterday (on Sunday) at Gut Aiderbichl’s Sanctuary for Traumatized Chimpanzees and other Primates.

Report dated 30 October 2013

Dog Glikamu Covered with Scars
Projectile Found Inside Our Lina

Do you remember the dog tied up in front of a Munich department store? Now she’s living happily among other dogs we rescued from the USA. She recently underwent an operation to sterilize her, but the vets discovered something shocking.
Glikamu from Greece is over the worst ...

Lina was abandoned in an underhand way

Glikamu lived a neglected life and must have been badly maltreated

Which Rules Did These Dogs Break?

Dog Lina (2 yrs.) gets along with everyone. During an operation to sterilize her, the vets discovered a projectile from a shotgun inside her stomach. That came as a big shock to us. Her suffering is worse than we had imagined. Her story must have been really cruel.
She’s been living with us for over a year. She couldn’t be more sweet-natured – she gets along brilliantly with the American dogs in her group. And she wants to make everybody cheerful. Who had the heart to tie her up in front of a Munich store? In the middle of the night. And who had the heart to take a shot at her?

Glikamu was outlawed and had no rights when we took her under our protection. Her tongue is almost split to the middle and she’s covered with scars. We rescued her from Greece. Once her papers were ready, she was allowed to travel. She has now undergone a thorough examination. Was she in the hands of a sadist? She’s over the worst. She’s pulled through! She never need suffer again … A big thank you to everyone for supporting us!


Perhaps a sponsor will soon come forward for Glikamu? Or you can support us by making a donation. Your help allows us to continue our animal rescues.

Report dated 29 October 2013

Boar Hugo (1 yr.) relocates to Iffeldorf
Cute But Unpredictable: Dog Billy

Animal lovers noticed 10 year-old Retriever Billy because of his bad behaviour. They managed to secure Billy’s transfer. But it’s still a mystery why Billy sometimes snaps without warning.
Boar Hugo is even more of a puzzle! Both are now Aiderbichler!

Puzzle of Suffering ...
All pigs suffer – it’s a fact. But sometimes we’re directly confronted with suffering like the Aiderbichl members who became acquainted with a pig with a broken leg, according to her keeper. The Aiderbichl Friends couldn’t relax because of this information. They enquired whether we could accept sow Magdalena. Nothing stood in the way of her relocation to Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf. But we were amazed when this turned out to be a boar – and now he’s called Hugo! In fact, he probably didn’t have a broken leg, but suffered a back injury. To our delight yesterday we noticed he could walk without any pain. He strolled to the paddock and lay down in the sunshine.

Selina, a young animal lover, discovered a Golden Retriever tied up most of the time as well as not being challenged enough and depressive. She asked the owners for permission to take care of Billy. She got the go ahead and Billy became an Aiderbichler. But he couldn’t stay at Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf where he first arrived.

Billy tends to snap without much warning and even his dog handler, Paul, experienced this. Because the Gertraud Gruber Osterseehof is open to visitors, it would have been too dangerous to keep him there. There could be plenty of reasons why he sometimes snaps at animals and humans. But as we don’t really know much about his history, we have to be patient and find out why he behaves like this. Often this kind of behaviour is due to pain or a reaction to movements that we make unconsciously and he associates with some kind of threat.

Meanwhile the building work at Gut Aiderbichl Carinthia is progressing so well that Billy was able to move here. Dalmatian Dillon also lives here and his behaviour was similar to Billy’s. But since he’s been living here, his erratic behaviour has stopped.

Dillon (10 yrs.) loves life and he’d never bite anyone again. Back in 2010 he was banned because of his unpredictable behaviour …

Please give us your support so we can continue working on behalf of animals in need. Why not arrange a sponsorship for Billy? Or for one of our other animals.

Report dated 22 October 2013

Ex-Lab Dog Carmi and Her Final Mission
Carmi Lost Her Mistress

Beagle Carmi, twelve years old today, spent seven long years in a human medicine research lab. After Michael Aufhauser’s visit there, he was allowed to take her with him. It was soon obvious that the best solution for Carmi is a special care place. Aiderbichl member Uta offered to take her in – these two got along well together. But all happiness is finite. Two days ago Uta passed away after a serious illness.

Carmi – Biggest Support for a Critically Ill Friend

Michael Aufhauser got to know Uta back in 1972. She was the director of the Munich City guided tours and Michael Aufhauser helped out as a tour guide. Over the next few years they kept in touch, and when Uta was diagnosed with chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD), she applied for a special care place for the ex-lab Beagle Carmi retired in 2009. The costs for a special care place including guaranteed right of return to Gut Aiderbichl are all arranged. Since 2009 and several evenings ago, Uta and Carmi were inseparable.

Uta contacted us countless times to describe how happy she was. Carmi gave her strength and everyone who cared for Uta also took Carmi to their hearts. The Beagle was involved in a series of lab experiments. Her spinal cord was damaged due to radiation – that’s why her fur is so light. Then her healthy spinal marrow was transplanted from another Beagle. This was a pioneering experiment and today helps many humans suffering from cancer. Carmi has no knowledge of what happened to her back then. She only realizes she can’t go for long walks like other dogs or cosy up to another affectionate human being and much more.

Back in 2009 many other Beagles arrived at our sanctuary from the same series of experiments. That included the two sisters Kiara and Daisy. They were both considered severely ill dogs and had got to the end of the line with cancer treatments. Both were to be euthanized. Michael Aufhauser requested and promised they could live in his room at home, so in the worst case there could be a quick response, so they continued treatment. Kiara survived pain-free until 7 September 2010 and then she peacefully passed away. It’s incredible what happiness hormones can do! Daisy died in July 2013. On the photo below, you can clearly see that Kiara, and Carmi too, was affected by radiation and Daisy was the spinal marrow donor. 

Kiara (l.) and Daisy (r.) 2009, shortly after their retirement from the research lab

On Monday 21 October. Michael Aufhauser reported:

After a long journey from Italy, where Uta lived, Carmi arrived at my home yesterday evening. Meanwhile due to diabetes she has gone blind. I was informed about this. She has settled in and couldn’t be more alive! She doesn’t show that she’s sad at the moment. Things are too exciting at my house. Except ex-lab dog Snoopy all the others warmly welcomed her. Snoopy was not really bad mannered. She recognizes her own kind and only showed her she’s not ready to share her basket with her. Terrier Jacky missed that, so it soon turned into a house sit-in by Carmi. Jacky was horrified and decided to vacate his place and slept in my room overnight!

Tuesday, 22 October:    
What a stress!! Never has a dog made such a mess as Carmi. But otherwise she was quiet all night and is now looking forward to a new day. Carmi and I will always remember the last message Uta sent us, an SMS, the final one:

“Dear Michael. Thank you for everything. You’re such a fabulous friend. I will watch out for you and all the animals from above. I would have loved to visit Aiderbichl with Carmi. Our friendship lasted for over 40 years. Don’t forget me and please enjoy a cuddle now and then with the little mouse. You are and were always in my heart. Uta”

Carmi this morning

Carmi this afternoon
Report dated 19 October 2013
Stablehand Fights for Her Ward
Ex-Racing Horse Rüdiger Can Live!

Thoroughbred gelding Rüdiger’s owner was a stablehand with first-hand experience of horse racing. When she left her profession, her ex-racing horse Rüdiger joined her. It took a long time before he calmed down and became an excellent riding horse. Then, in May she discovered a tumour...

Happy Ending from a “Truly Different World”

Horseracing has its own rules and regulations. The sport is sub-divided into different disciplines: show jumping, dressage, carriage racing, polo, military, trotting and racing. In most cases it’s a hobby and plenty of money is involved for top professionals. Rüdiger was born on 15.03.2006 near Berlin. As Aiderbichl Friends, in our view he got into racing too early: he was just two years old. That’s normal in this discipline. Thoroughbred horses are fast developers – as it is often said. 

Rüdiger’s arrival at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf

A trainer mostly supervises horses in racing sport. A routine starts which means lots of work for man and horse. So is it really appropriate to call this a “hobby”? Racing horses are driven by the goal of winning. They’re generally well cared for. Only a few have the option of experiencing life on the pasture. Their owners often worry that their horses could get injured. The horses are then tied to a routine of stable, feeding and work. It’s hardly relevant to claim a revolution in this sport, even if it’s only permitted to use the whip in racing seven and not five times. That’s only the case in our country. We’re not aware of any international regulations.

After one race Rüdiger suffered bleeding from the lung. His owners allowed Ariane, his stablehand, to look after him. She felt a strong bond with Rüdiger, even though there was a tough time ahead. “Racing horses” generally need a full year to “calm down”. After his first time on the pasture since he was a foal, Rüdiger realized that Ariane meant to treat him well. He became a well-behaved riding horse. In May a tumour was discovered between his foreleg and trunk. That was the end of his riding career – Ariane looked for somewhere he could retire to. This was so difficult that she turned to us … And became a member of Gut Aiderbichl!

Rüdiger can now enjoy his retirement at Gut Aiderbichl – thanks to many generous members and supporters of Gut Aiderbichl! But don’t forget – being an animal lover is not the only thing that counts for horses. Keeping horses is expensive. And if the owners can no longer cover these costs, the horses are in danger. Now all’s well that ends well for Rüdiger! And we hope plenty of willing sponsors will love to follow his progress.

Report dated 04 October 2013

Commentary On World Animal Day
Pet Insurance Scheme

Genuine animal lovers think deeply about what will happen to their pets if they pass away or need nursing care. Wüstenrot insurance now offers a pet insurance scheme for all animal owners resident in Austria. A joint initiative with Gut Aiderbichl.

Now Everyone Can Insure Pets
The joint initiative with the insurance group Wüstenrot Austria was preceded by months of meetings and intense discussions. From today – World Animal Day 2013 – every pet owner living in Austria can take out pet insurance. That’s a massive step towards animals at last being treated as fellow living creatures!

Eyko the Kerry Blue Terrier arrived at our sanctuary in May 2010. The pet insurance scheme available to all Friends of Aiderbichl was his biggest stroke of luck – his owners had made provision for him. Last week, he was diagnosed at the clinic with Lymphoma. He will be treated with mild chemotherapy to prolong his life and quality of life – that’s due to the type of tumour. It was similar for dogs Ali and Sedar. Both are doing brilliantly after their treatment.

Now everyone can insure his or her pet with Wüstenrot Austria. In the worst case scenario, if an owner needs special nursing care and cannot look after his or her pet, or even passes away, cats, dogs and other animals can continue living at Gut Aiderbichl until the end of their natural lives.

(fr. l.) Wüstenrot Deputy CEO Franz Meingast, Wüstenrot CEO Dr Susanne Riess and Michael Aufhauser

This project does not stop our work for animals in distress. On the contrary. Insured pets will arrive at our sanctuary with the necessary funding. No costs will be involved. If an animal requires less than the insured amount to stay at Gut Aiderbichl, the surplus will help rescued animals in need. Wüstenrot’s contractual partner is the non-profit Gut Aiderbichl Foundation Austria. As the name suggests – no profits are allowed and only animals benefit under this agreement.

Both Labradoodles Lazy (l.) and Milo (r.) arrived last week with Aiderbichl pet insurance. Their mistress is gravely ill – she’s relieved her favourite pets are doing well at Gut Aiderbichl. 

All Aiderbichl members still qualify for pet insurance, as before. This is generally arranged permanently. Please contact us for more details.

World Animal Day by Michael Aufhauser
On 27 September the World Climate Council published its report. This basically proves we humans are mainly responsible for global warming. The consequences are dire – for us, too.
The worldwide increase in meat consumption is largely responsible for this – over 20 per cent. Meat production is associated with high emissions. The sea level is rising. Our climate will dramatically deteriorate.
These insights are the context for this week’s two big days around the globe. On Tuesday, we celebrated World Vegetarian Day – about 1 billion people are vegetarians out of a world population of 7 billion. That’s actually fabulous news for our planet. But that’s not enough to prevent the climate catastrophe. Even if in Austria, boys are particularly turning veggie, it will still take a long time to find out whether this is just a craze or a real change of nutritional health. Besides, worldwide more than 1.3 billion tonnes of food land in the trash, as the World Food Programme determined.

Today – 4 October – is World Animal Day! This is also closely linked to our planet’s survival. Today there’s no need to remind politicians about keeping their electoral promises for animals in Austria and Germany. There were none for animals and their needs.

World Animal Day 2013 is no real cause for celebration this year. But there are key issues on the animal welfare agenda.

For one thing there’s Romania’s decision to join with other countries that euthanize stray dogs after they’re handed in after just a short waiting time. There are plenty of other much more updated solutions. Numerous online petitions campaign against this policy. Today, on World Animal Day everyone can take a stand.

And another thing is really important for animals today. A new EU law should pave the way for even more experiments with animals. Only citizens’ direct action can stop this: Sign here to add your name to the petition! We need one million signatures. You still have time to sign the petition until 31 October 2013.

Report dated 28 September 2013

Glimpse of our keeping a unique trio:
Dog, Cat and Bambi

It might be a poor street dog or an abandoned animal – which animal it is at Gut Aiderbichl our care is always exceptional. It’s obvious this doesn’t happen at the click of a finger. We think carefully about how we can help. Find out what happened this year to young deer Klausi, Alois and Benni and what’s in store for abandoned dogs and cats …

We Rely on Good Rescue Places


Friend of Aiderbichl Brigitte lives close to Gut Aiderbichl Carinthia. After highly experienced rescue organizations for young fawns and deer, like Birgit’s, make sure the fawns handed over to us can survive, they relocate to stay with Brigitte. Here they’re part of the family. Alois has long forgotten how painful it was when a sickle bar cut away part of his abdomen. And little Klausi’s chances of survival were as good as zero. Only thanks to the help of everyone who finds the fawns, the relief organization and a dream special care place like the one offered by Brigitte is it possible to give long-term support to young bambis in distress. After several months of dedicated care by Brigitte, the young deer relocate to the spacious sanctuary at Gut Aiderbichl’s wild game enclosure in Carinthia. That’s their home until the end of their natural lives.

Final stop for big game: 40,000 square metres of the Aiderbichl wild game enclosure

Read more about our care for Aiderbichl cats and dogs here:


Last Minute Rescue: Four Galloways
Khan, Via, Liv and Lia

It should be public knowledge that bovines are still being exported to third countries. The EU – in this case Germany – still sends bovines to other countries before they’re slaughtered without tranquillizers. This would have been the fate of 4 Galloway bovines. Their story is illuminating, tense and frustrating.

 These Exports – No Real Ban

Bull Khan

Bull Khan (his new name) was originally born in Scotland. That almost became his downfall. In German mass farming there are a few simple ways for German-born bovines to be sent for slaughter. That’s not the same for a bull born elsewhere – so the keeper explained to a farmer who’d taken an interest in Khan’s fate. Khan’s sale was allegedly postponed due to Ramadan – a clear sign where he would have ended up.

Waiting for death

500 bovines live at Khan’s farm. Trading is big business. Three cows that didn’t fall pregnant were with Khan and to be sent for export. Transport to a German abattoir wouldn’t have been worth it – not for three cows, according to their keeper. By rescuing these four bovines, we gained a direct insight into the modern practices of exporting bovines to third countries. We’re searching for more clues. When bovine exports to the Middle East practically no longer existed due to lack of funds, the general view back then was accepted that they’d stopped happening.

Departure to freedom and to Gut Aiderbichl. This moment almost became the start of an apocalypse for the rescuers.

Newcomers – under Aiderbichl protection

The four candidates for slaughter are now Aiderbichl animals! But our work continues. Thanks to their history and facts about them, which we’re constantly updating, we’ll soon be able to document new methods of the cruel animal transports to third countries.


Maurice Blissfully Happy, But Somehow Forgotten  ...

Three years ago the charismatic tomcat was handed in to us at Henndorf. He now lives happily at our Gut Aiderbichl sanctuary in France. Benno’s new photo is evidence (above). His owners thought he couldn’t get along with his own kind, but we’ve found no signs of this. After all, at Gut Aiderbichl France he lives with more than 100 rescued cats and has long since proved things are different. We mentioned him again today so our cat lovers have a reminder of him! And maybe somebody would like to sponsor him?


Report dated 9 September 2013

 Caesarean for Ludmilla
“Murderer Cow” Accused in Court 

Joy and sorrow sometimes come close together. Yesterday, the labour pains started for our flood-rescue cat Ludmilla – she was found heavily covered in oil in Deggendorf. During the afternoon she gave birth to two small kittens, but the pains didn’t stop … After an X-ray it became clear that one baby was in a diagonal position – a life-threatening situation! Cow Verona’s former owner in court this week for manslaughter. Is Verona “guilty”?
We reported how we took in cow Verona almost two years ago at the request of the owner and many Aiderbichl members. Verona was the main suspect for the fatal injuries to a dog owner who had been walking near the pasture. Along with Verona we also accepted her young calf Victoria – born in the meadow around the time of the tragic accident – and only a few days old.

Verona and Victoria shortly after their arrival at Gut Aiderbichl

Nothing was ever proven, but insurance only pays the relatives of the deceased if there is a court decision against the former owner of the cow. Cow Verona lives at one of our many sanctuaries not open to visitors with many of her own kind – she couldn’t be more peace loving. She’s never shown aggression or an irascible temperament like Yvonne or Bärbelchen.

In the eyes of the bovine world she’s innocent if she was defending her young calf against a dog. This is instinct inbred in bovines for millions of years. The court proceedings are not over yet, and even if Verona is threatened with an expert appraisal – we’re treating this in a relaxed way. Of course our full sympathy goes out to the relatives of the lady who died. There are still no witnesses – but we think it isn’t possible for Verona to have attacked the deceased lady.