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Dramatic Emergencies Here and From Greece
Neymar has been operated...
Our in Greece collected dog Neymar (see news further down) was operated by our specialized veterinarian. It was very unclear if his leg could be saved at all. We are very happy to announce that so far the operation has been a success. The leg shows the reactions we hoped for. We are waiting and hoping. Still he is one of many waiting to be helped. Please do not forget to support our „Stray Project“. more
40 former Lab-Chimps and 5 Monkeys came to us in 2009
Ongoing news of our Chimpanzees
They have been living under our protection for the last five years. Their development is awsome.... Enjoy our reports. Our staff and professional advisors have created great enrichment programs. more
A glimps behind the scenes
in Austria and Germany
Our Chimpanzee-Project Video
and how we achieve them
Michael Aufhauser, the founder of Gut Aiderbichl
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