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"Runaway Cow" Michaela
Cow Destined for Death Fled to Cemetery!
Twists of fate like these are rare. An animal's death is decided, then a higher power says otherwise. That's how things went with cow Michaela. She was transported to the slaughterhouse and would have been killed a few minutes later. But she panicked, broke loose and fled to a sacred place - a cemetery. She was tranquillized. If things go well, she'll soon relocate to Gut Aiderbichl. We just have to clear one hurdle... more
40 former Lab-Chimps and 5 Monkeys came to us in 2009
Ongoing news of our Chimpanzees
They have been living under our protection for the last five years. Their development is awsome.... Enjoy our reports. Our staff and professional advisors have created great enrichment programs. more
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