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A complete success


First informational workshop of the `Gut-Aiderbichl-Academy` has taken place.


The first topic on the agenda was a presentation of the `Gut-Aiderbichl-Academy` and furthermore of the educational program which will be offered by the Academy:

In accordance with the mission statement of the Gut Aiderbichl foundation the public should be educated in all fields related to animal rescue by the Academy. Further the Academy should help to sustainably improve the coexistence of animals and humans. All graduates of the `Gut-Aiderbichl-Academy` will be seen and act as ambassadors of animals.


To help as many animals and animal-lovers as possible the `Gut-Aiderbichl-Academy` invented the `Aiderbichl-Animal-Counsellor`.

This high-quality education will allow students to act as an informant for matters relating to animals. With helping and supporting their environment the

`Aiderbichl-Animal-Counsellors` will spread the knowledge they have obtained through their studies and plant a seed in a lot of peoples mind.

The curriculum of the `Aiderbichl-Animal-Counsellor` will be divided in 6 modules. Each module can be completed individually and on a basis of weekend-workshops.

The minimum time-frame to complete the training is 12 months. Applications will be accepted gladly from now on.

You can find more information regarding the educational program – which will be available from October 2019 – on https://www.gut-aiderbichl.com/gut-aiderbichl-akademie/bildungsangebote/erwachsenenbildung/


In a next step the participants of the event completed the workshop `Getting to know a strange dog`. In this workshop they were asked to observe the behaviour of four Gut-Aiderbichl dogs - Sandy, Luna, Cora und Sedar - and to draw conclusions about their interactions with humans.

Dr. Luisa Demattio – a teacher of the `Gut-Aiderbichl-Academy` - showed the participants that patience and keeping a minimum distance are far more valuable traits than food and an active approach if you want to gain the trust of a strange dog.


In the next exercise - `creating a friendly environment for your cat` - the contributors had to put a lot of effort in.

At first the participants were divided in several smaller groups where they had to discuss about the needs of cats. Later on all the gained knowledge was discussed about by all members. That discussion led to the question: "One cat does need two cat-toilets? Are you sure about that?"

To the awe of some people Doris Köbrunner – a teacher of the `Gut-Aiderbichl-Academy’ – explained that cats choose to pee and poo at different places if they are given a choice. In the `Katzenwohnzimmer` - the living area of cats in Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf – the participants were shown the needs of cats first hand.

It was explained that the basic requirements for a cat-friendly environment include a litter box a cat-tree, sleeping places, toys, food and water.

The special modifications – the exact nature of items, the number of items, the positioning of them – were explained in more detail.


The last workshop of the day - `Enrichment for horses and ponies` - was held by Navina Fröhlich.

There, the everyday life of animals in human care and a seemingly happy life in abundance were discussed. It was pointed out that challenges and environmental

stimuli are mandatory for horses and ponies which are kept in human care. A sensory and cognitive underload can lead to extreme inactivity and behavioural problems.

Through enrichment-exercises the development of natural patterns of behavior is encouraged. Some of our rescued ponies participated in the exhibition and showed to the people that animal-friendly enrichment practices can be a lot of fun for animals and humans alike.


An exclusive tour showing the future classrooms of the academy, as well as our rescued animals, which will be the cornerstone of the `Gut-Aiderbichl-Academy` of course, was the end of a day filled with knowledge and adventure. We want to thank all the participants for the many interesting talks and discussions.


Would you also like to participate in a free-of-charge informational workshop?

The next fixture is set for Saturday, 7th of September, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf.

Registration in advance is required at akademie@gut-aiderbichl.com or by phone +43 (0) 662/625395

The team of the `Gut-Aiderbichl-Academy` is looking forward to your registration.



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