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The Ballermann Ranch - operated by Gut Aiderbichl

Where life is a piece of carrot


Hearing the expression `Ballermann` most people immediately have a specific beach at the island of Mallorca in mind.

Germany's most favorite get-away destination is usually associated with Sangria, elderly singers of evergreens and non-stop party.

But to us the term has a whole other meaning. We think of horses running on a green meadow, or of a stable built as an over-dimensional living-area. If you look closer rescued horses are much more linked to the expression `Ballermann` as you could suspect.


To that moment 20 rescued horses and ponies are living at the Gut Aiderbichl Ballermann Ranch. Including the cheeky pony Fridolin with his friends and the three formerly neglected draft horses Hanna, Berta and Paula. In contrary to their dreadful past, they now can enjoy living in a horse-paradise.  Huge green meadows, manorial horse-boxes and the care of the animal-loving couple André and Annette Engelhardt, who made this dream come true happen.


But where did the connection between the Engelhardts and Gut Aiderbichl start? And how did they fall in love with horses? From where comes the closeness to these sensitive, noble animals that moved the generous couple to donate the Ballermann-Ranch to Gut Aiderbichl and to act as voluntary administrators of the stud from that time on.


"We have not been to Mallorca for some years", Annette Engelhardt starts to explain. And they don’t have to. As owners of the brand `Ballermann` they are earning on every sold CD, every event using the expression for commercial purposes.

André Engelhardt now had the time and the resources to go after his role-model: John Wayne.  So he started to ride horses about nine years ago. The first sessions have been rough, but the dream to become a horse-rider was born. That is how he met Fritz in a riding-school he visited.  `Big Fritz` - a gelding – won André’s heart over. He `told` André: "They don’t take care of me properly here, can’t you be my new daddy?". So André turned around at the spot, looked up the owner of the riding-school and bought Fritz the very same day.                                                           

Today Fritz is the leader of the herd at the Ballermann-Ranch and has not been ridden since. But `Big Fritz` was only the beginning. The Engelhardt-family bought five more horses from the same riding-school – all had been kept under bad conditions. Today these horses can enjoy the magnificent premises of the Gut Aiderbichl Ballermann Ranch together with other horses, which have been rescued by Gut Aiderbichl.

Finally Mr. Engelhardt points out, that every horse which is living at the Ranch can stay for its entire life.


Now we know why the Ballermann Ranch and Gut Aiderbichl are such a perfect match. Well, life is a piece of carrot.

At least for the horses living at the Ballermann Ranch.



United in the urge to help and happy to celebrate the joint venture: f.l. André Engelhardt, Annette Engelhardt und Dieter Ehrengruber



At the Gut Aiderbichl Ballermann Ranch horses can life in freedom. A small, but fine horse-paradise.

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