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What happens to my pet when I am no longer there?

Even at a young age, Michael Aufhauser thought that everything could be different tomorrow, that misfortune and death are part of life. He did not have any animal property for a long time, but he already had animals whose future he worried about if the worst came to the worst. He was looking for people to whom he could entrust them and who would make good use of the money deposited for their care. But he found no one.

When he founded Gut Aiderbichl and many animals were entrusted to him, he remembered his worries from the past. So he created the possibility of animal insurance and now, out of conviction, offers all animal owners what he so sorely missed back then. They can all be assured in advance that their animals will find a loving home and be professionally cared for in an emergency.

Gut Aiderbichl animal insurance

We let ourselves be informed in detail about the habits of the animals in order to also make the separation phase from master and mistress gentle for each special case. Our animal carers are trained and experienced, and we guarantee that the funding provided is used for the quality of life of the animals that are handed over to us with confidence. There is absolute transparency about this, which we are also available for in discussions. From the very beginning, it was Michael Aufhauser's goal to treat these animals as if they were his own, for whom he wanted to care at the time. In this sense, animal care will also be continued in the future. Prevention is followed by care - with the warmth of home.

Requirements for our pet insurance

  • No matter whether with or without impairment - every animal can be taken in for animal protection and will be lovingly cared for by our experienced animal carers according to your irrevocable principles.
  • Gut Aiderbichl is transparent. Bereaved animals are welcome to visit, on our visitable estates daily and on the foundation farms within the framework of patent meetings or by appointment in our administration.
  • Basically, if you are the owner of one or more pets, you have taken responsibility for living beings that are in need of protection. Therefore, preventive care is indispensable. Ideally, it should take place in a personal environment, then there is no need for the possibly stressful reacclimatisation for your animals. If you do not have anyone, animal insurance from Gut Aiderbichl is the ideal alternative.

Since all pets live with us almost as if they were privately kept, their care is extremely cost-intensive. In addition to food, treats, vet, cat litter etc., we also have to charge for the salaries of our carers and of course the lovingly furnished accommodation as well as the dog runs and the enclosures for cats and other small animals.

Ms Holde Sudenn:

Austria: 0043 (0) 800 / 56 76 373

Germany: 0049 (0) 800 / 56 76 373

Switzerland: 0041 (0) 800 / 56 76 373


Please contact us if you have any questions about animal insurance. Should you wish to make a bequest to one of our charitable foundations, we will be happy to advise you.

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