Black Beauty

has gone over the rainbow bridge

"If you seek me, seek me in your heart. If I have found a dwelling place there, I am always with you."

~ Antoine de Saint Exupéry

At the age of 27, the Shetland pony Black Beauty has closed her eyes forever in her stable at Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf. Everything is quiet around our Black Beauty, no more pain - she walks with all the other horses on the green meadows of the wide horse sky.

On a snowy Saturday, ten years ago, Black Beauty was taken in at Gut Aiderbichl in Deggendorf. An Aiderbichl employee had rescued her from the slaughterhouse a year earlier. Unfortunately, the animal-loving lady's life situation changed for the worse, and she could no longer afford the treatment costs for Black Beauty's chronic laminitis.
Everything was done to be able to save Black Beauty a second time. Michael Aufhauser agreed to take her in, and from then on she spent her pony life in Deggendorf.

Before Black Beauty came to Aiderbichl, she must have experienced many years of beautiful and not so beautiful things. Who knows what her duties were with her previous owners before she was rescued by our staff from being transported to the slaughterhouse? Black Beauty could not tell us her life story, but her body and aches and pains spoke volumes.
Many horses, large and small, became friends with the beautiful, soft-spoken Black Beauty. Many of her friends had come to Aiderbichl, because they were no longer fit for breeding, could no longer perform in sport, had become disabled as a result of a riding accident, or even: had chronic laminitis.

Black Beauty's care was time-consuming, but the animal caretakers were never tired of helping the grateful pony. She bravely held out her hooves when it was time for therapeutic intervention.
She also remained brave when she became ill in both eyes. Again, she patiently let the vet do his work. The eyes were operated on, but the chance of recovery was rather slim, also due to her advanced age.

Animals let humans feel it when they want to express "Please let me go over the Rainbow Bridge. I have no more strength". Part of love is letting go - with a heavy heart we decided to let our Black Beauty go the steps over the Rainbow Bridge in dignity.

Silently her life light breathed out and accompanied by good thoughts and a sea of tears Black Beauty walked towards the steps of the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you for having had confidence in us. Thank you that we continued to walk a good path together for so many years.

Take care, Black Beauty - you will stay in our hearts forever. 

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