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Our commitment for street dogs

Dog tragedy in Romania

Project: Our commitment for street dogs in Romania

Cruel killings of homeless dogs were one of the triggers for Michael Aufhauser to found the Animal Welfare Community Gut Aiderbichl. There are still over half a million homeless dogs living in Romania. Thousands of them end up in dubious animal shelters or killing stations.

For this reason, the Gut Aiderbichl Street Dogs Project was launched in 2018. We want to help where the need is greatest. Our goal is to make the public in Romania rethink and help as many dogs as possible.

Support us with your donation, help to raise public awareness, and give dogs a peaceful and carefree home. 

Our project at a glance

Our commitment for street dogs in Romania


  • The stray dog situation is still a big problem. Over half a million homeless dogs live in Romania.


  • To bring a change in the thinking of the population in order to stop the uncontrolled multiplication and suffering of street dogs.
  • To continue rescuing street dogs and saving them from death.
  • Placement of distressed dogs in loving foster homes.

Our work:

  • The temporary shelter, built in 2018, was upgraded to an animal shelter in 2021.
  • Awareness raising among the population.
  • Assisting dog owners with vaccinations, deworming and spot-on preparations.
  • Since 2018, more than 3,500 free spay/neuter surgeries have been performed.
  • Over 600 dogs have already been placed in loving homes.


  • Awareness-raising remains our major goal in order to improve the situation in the long term.
  • Placement of distressed dogs in loving foster homes.

Our motto: Strong together - for the street dogs of Romania

Our project - the whole story

The hard fate of
romanian street dogs

Romania is still one of the poorest countries in Europe. Many people there are threatened in their existence and simply can no longer afford pets. If there is still an owner, they often take little responsibility and let the animals roam the streets alone. After the fewest dogs are neutered, this leads to an uncontrolled multiplication of the animals.

Homeless dogs in Romania have a particularly hard fate. On the streets, the dogs have to cope with the most difficult conditions. Lack of food, cold, snow and ice in winter are just some of the daily challenges. Especially the large number of abandoned puppies, as well as the weak and sick dogs need fast and uncomplicated help.

Even in the State animal shelters, the dogs often have to live under unspeakable conditions. To make things worse, the animals are admitted to the shelter only for a few days. If they are not adopted, they are euthanized after two weeks at the latest.

We help street dogs

Since its founding, Gut Aiderbichl has been involved in rescuing homeless dogs. In order to be able to help in the best possible way, we opened a Gut Aiderbichl animal shelter in Romania, not far from Bucharest, in 2018 and thus launched our street dog project.

The shelter, which has been completed in 2021, is able to care for 150 dogs at a time. The demand for food is correspondingly high at two tons per day. In addition to loving care, the medical care is the focus of our work.

Most of the animals come to Gut Aiderbichl Romania in a very poor general condition. Often malnourished and injured, the animals must first be cared for and nursed back to health.

Many of the new arrivals are puppies who would not survive the first weeks without our help. In order to give even the smallest ones the best possible start in their new lives, there is a specially set up quarantine station at Gut Aiderbichl Romania.

Gut Aiderbichl stands for fast help on site

The transfer of knowledge to the population is an important goal for Gut Aiderbichl. Because only the rethinking in the population as well as a publicity-effective castration program can stop the uncontrolled multiplication and thus the suffering of the street dogs in Romania.

Castration project

Currently, Gut Aiderbichl offers the opportunity to have animals castrated on a weekly basis in cooperation with partner clinics in Romania. Gut Aiderbichl offers a comprehensive service. In addition to the educational talk, the castration is completely free of charge for the owner. The costs for castration are borne by Gut Aiderbichl and the amount is between 25 and 35 EUR per animal.

The animals are also picked up directly from the owners by employees of the clinics and Gut Aiderbichl, and returned home after successful castration. Much has already been achieved through the comprehensive preventive offer. More than 3,000 stray dogs and cats have already been neutered. Currently, about 20-40 animals are castrated per month.


Our local employees conduct countless educational talks with the local population on the topics: Proper pet ownership, animal health and disease prevention. In addition, we support dog owners in Romania with vaccinations, deworming and spot-on preparations.

Support us in our work on site with your donation, because every euro counts!

One-off donations

Give dogs a loving home

Gut Aiderbichl has not only made it its business to take in countless dogs, but also to find the animals a loving new home. Many of our dogs, especially those from the Gut Aiderbichl stray project, long for a private and safe home. If you have enough time, space and love for your future new family member, then you are the ideal companion for man's best friends who are looking for love.

Give a dog a second chance for a safe and secure life in your home.

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