has fallen asleep forever

Our Lama Ernstl was a sir of the fine kind. For six years he brought joy to people and laughter to many visitors.
Years ago, we learned of a llama family that desperately needed a new forever home. Five mares and Ernstl, the llama stallion, were kept as a sideline. Their wool was marketed and among other things guided hiking tours for children were offered. The llamas were trusting and popular, but the desired influx failed to materialize. They were taken to Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf and became the visitors' favorites.

We had also been assured that Ernstl was castrated, and so there was no danger of reproduction. One year later, Maylea and Samira saw the light of day, and it is strongly suspected that Ernstl was the father. Castration had been done, but active cells were likely to have remained in his sperm strands, and so the llama mares Gena and Kira became pregnant.

Ernstl and his llama ladies enjoyed the free run, lay down in the summer sun, and especially Ernstl didn't care if he was obstructing traffic. He also enjoyed walking around the yard alone for once. His snow-white fur glowed with sun rays around the bet. Nothing escaped his large, dark eyes.
He was a good-natured wallach and let himself be pleased by llama Mädls. If it became too much for him, he made the typical threatening noise before the spook flew through the air.

The past year was not necessarily his lucky year. Problems with the stomach prepared Ernstl to great difficulties and the doctor was able to save him. It took a lot of effort, tears and hope not to lose him.
He was not to recover from this event. Then something happened that is always warned against: Ernstl got a whole apple, which got stuck in his gullet. At that time, it was a matter of minutes, and he was saved at the last moment from suffocation.

It happened a few days ago: Ernstl was found in the lateral position, the summoned veterinarian tried to save his life, but he lost the fight.
Ernstl fell asleep forever in the arms of the desperate, crying animal keepers. No treatment could help anymore, he closed his eyes forever.

Dear Ernstl,

Thank you for letting us accompany you. You were a special llama and communicated with us in your own way. Many times you made us laugh and smile, but at the end of your life we sit and weep for you. We will look out for your ladies.

You have left great traces in our hearts. Take care, Ernstl.

"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave behind." Dakota

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