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Mother Penny rescued from the street

Sweet puppies born at Gut Aiderbichl

We are already waiting for our new families

Now it's almost time...

... and our puppies can move to their new families. Paul, Pauline and Pedro are now 11 weeks old. They have already had their first vaccination and now nothing stands in the way of them moving to their new families.

Have you already found out about our special foster places? Get in touch if you are interested in one of the adorable puppies. Here is the telephone number: 0043 664 600 94 113.

For Penny it was the only hope for her puppies

The future of Penny and her children

When Penny was discovered by our animal rescuers on her way back from Ukraine, it was impossible to leave her behind: The dog was heavily pregnant. It was quickly decided to bring her to Gut Aiderbichl so that the soon-to-be mum could be well looked after for the forthcoming birth.

Penny now has a safe home for herself and her puppies. Penny was lovingly welcomed and her freshly born 11 puppies feel wonderfully at home at Gut Aiderbichl. See below in our diary how Penny and her puppies are doing.

Only with your help can animals like Penny be rescued and well cared for.

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We are already waiting for our new families

Now it's almost time...

... and our puppies can move to their new families. Meanwhile Pat and Phil are 8 weeks old. They have already had their first vaccination and now nothing stands in the way of them moving to their new families.

Have you already found out about our special foster places? Get in touch if you are interested in one of the adorable puppies. Here is the telephone number: 0043 664 600 94 113.

The puppies' daily routine...

...consists of 90% sleep

Playing dog kids, curious expetition walks through the garden, mutual trial of strength with the siblings. All this is going on with our babies at the moment - but what they like best is just lying around comfortably, enjoying the day and also cuddling up to each other very much. A real Gut Aiderbichl dog's life, that is.

We introduce...

Paul, Pauline and Pat

Our three who look so much alike. Now we have given them their first collar. On the one hand as a little preparation for later life and on the other hand as a little help for us to find out who is who.
Paul with the yellow collar, Pauline got the red one and our Pat is now walking through the world with a green collar.

We introduce...

our Peter

Peter took the longest time to see the light of day. We thought we had 10 puppies - all of them were already docked to mum's teats. Until the moment when mum Penny got up again and gave birth to our Peter.

If it's so good at Mum's...

Perl is spoilt for choice

Yes, mum, I know, we are already big...
But when it's so good with you and I can't decide where to get the best drop of milk...

Exploring the world

Mama Penny shows her children the garden

It's great to see how mummy Penny teaches her children everything. Until now, the little ones were only allowed to go out of the room for a short while. But now she has decided to move the next feeding into the garden - including the first garden walk...

We introduce...

our Pedro

Pedro is one of the three white/brown puppies. He is such a sweetheart with his dotted nose. The first time he was a bit unsure about nature - he didn't know how the flowers smelled, he could hear the flies buzzing and enjoy the sun for the first time. But now Pedro is always one of the first to go outside.

Diary of Penny and her puppies

We introduce...

Pablo, my friend...

Yes, Pablo is a very special one from our puppy group. Inconspicuous, quiet and yet wide awake. Already now Pablo observes his environment and everything that happens around him.


Have you met our little...?

Pia - yes, that is our little Pia. She was the sweet mouse that we were allowed to feed extra at the beginning. She must have had a big challenge to get to mummy's teat - and was often taken by surprise by her siblings. But now she has put on a lot of weight and is a really confident little princess.

We introduce...

Perl and Picco

Our colour spectrum became perfect with Perl and Picco. Perl, a sweet white-brown girl and the brown Picco. The first time sitting in the meadow, the first time smelling the scent of the flowers, the first time away from mum - even just for a few minutes - was soooo exciting.

We introduce...

Pasha and Phil

Pasha and Phil - two brothers who couldn't be more different. Pasha is black and white and Phil is white and brown and they get along very well. They play and sleep together and often hang out together at mum's teat.

The first additional feeding

I wonder if it tastes good...????

Our babies are growing and growing and now it's time to help Penny with the feeding. The little ones stared at the plate in disbelief and were unsure whether it would taste good. But after the first bite they were already storming...

Eyes open, eyes open...

Finally our puppies see the daylight

The moment when the puppies open their eyes and look at you for the first time is indescribable and always such a beautiful experience.
Stay tuned, in the next few days we will introduce you to the puppies in detail 🙂

The life of a puppy

Sleeping is fine, but when mum comes...

The days of a puppy are really exhausting. Crawling around with the siblings, whether next to each other or on top of each other is another question, sleeping, yawning...
But when mummy comes back from her walk - yes, then it's time to be quick and look for a drinking source right away.

The coat care

The mum can also be looked at

Breastfeeding the puppies requires a lot of energy from mum Penny. Of course, it is important to provide sufficient and valuable food, to stroke the puppies and of course to groom them. We are particularly proud of our group of dogs, who have taken Penny in from day one and she now feels at home with Winnie Pooh, Otto, Mozart and Zwickzwack.

Weight control

Do they all have enough?

Looking after eleven puppies is hard work for mum Penny. Of course, they all want to drink as much as possible and even among the puppies it's first come, first served. That's why it's also very important for us to check the weight of the little ones regularly - and so we weigh our little babies every two days to see that they are all developing well and strong.

The first days

hello, here we are

First of all, the most important thing - Penny and her children survived the birth well and all are doing fine. For us it was of course a very special experience to see how one little creature after the other saw the light of day (well - not quite yet...). Penny also did very well, licking and nursing the little ones immediately and also making sure that they all came to nurse straight away.

The birth

Penny did not want to wait any longer

Our Penny did not want to wait any longer. Penny spent the first night lying on a blanket. We knew that strays were not used to lying comfortably on a bed. But on the second day after her arrival, Penny was already hiding in a small cave that we built for her in a cot. Her increased panting also showed us that it wouldn't be long before her babies would want to come...
...and then it started at three o'clock in the morning and the first puppy - our Paul - saw the light of day at 3:40. At 3:55 Pauline was born and then Pascha, Phil, Pia, Pablo, Pat, Perl, Pico, Pedro and the last and biggest puppy was Peter at 10:39 🙂 - all happy and well.

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