Sisi and Franz

their little lambs Erika and Gitte make them happy all around

The white mountain sheep Sisi and Franz were confiscated by the veterinary office due to circumstances contrary to animal welfare. The sheep were placed on a farm, but could not stay there for life. At Sisi and Franz, the proof of origin was also missing, and so it would have been impossible for private owners to keep the animals due to the official requirements imposed for life.

We are far away from the stupid sheep 

In the case of poor animal husbandry, saying that they are "just animals after all, and stupid sheep" is an ill-considered statement.
In general, sheep do not have a reputation for special intelligence. Perhaps this is because they are perceived as a bleating mass that trots after the lead sheep. Various studies prove that they are smart in moving through mazes, they can distinguish up to 50 faces, and keep them in memory for up to two years.
Sheep have emotions such as fear, anger, despair and boredom. They feel disgust and happiness.

Features of the white mountain sheep

The White Mountain Sheep has a narrow, noble head and is hornless. The long, wide hanging ears are also characteristic. The legs are strong with tight fetlock and hard claw, which are important for climbing and surefootedness.
The 15 to 20 cm long white wool is slightly wavy or smooth, and is sheared in spring and fall.
The mountain sheep is suitable for keeping in the high mountains but also for grazing sheep in small herds. It has the best mothering qualities, which Sisi is proving to us right now.

The affection of Sisi and Franz should be rewarded 

Sheep carry up to 150 days. When we took in Sisi and Franz at the end of July, a pregnancy could not be suspected yet. On November 2, Sisi gave birth to two healthy, beautiful sheep babies. The father is undoubtedly Franz.

One of the important points of Gut Aiderbichl's philosophy is the one that allows the animal mothers to keep their babies that are born at Aiderbichl. Sisi has enough milk for her two offspring and so the little sheep family is well occupied with suckling, educating and cuddling.

Babies Gitte and Erika are curious and run after their mom all day, only to snuggle up tiredly against their mom's warm wool. Sheep are not only smart animals, but also love to show their affection.
When you watch sheep cuddle, you might think you're in the middle of sheep yoga. Total deep relaxation and blissful breathing express contentment and emotion. When sheep show affection, they rub their heads together, linger in cheek contact, and nuzzle their bodies against the neighboring animal.

The happiness of the sheep family is perfect

Sisi, Franz and their Gitte and Erika are completely satisfied with their existence. They enjoy life in the sheep flock of Eslarn and give Michael, the caretaker, lots of pleasure.

More and more, Michael Aufhauser's idea of giving animals a voice and importance is gaining ground. More and more people look and act in the sense of the animals.

Thank you to all the people who support animal life.

Sincerely, your Gisela

"People with a new idea are considered crackpots until the thing catches on."

~ Mark Twain 

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