Sue Ellen

New home at the Gut Aiderbichl Ballermann Ranch

The Gut Aiderbichl horse paradise at the Ballermann Ranch in Germany has a new resident: Sue Ellen, an 11-years-old Quarter Horse mare with a shimmering golden coat. She will be able to enjoy a great horse life here until the natural end of her life.

The Ballermann Ranch in Blockwinkel

Even from a distance, you can see the huge ranch surrounded by white fences. Over 50 ponies, donkeys and horses live in the huge pastures. Annette and André receive calls every day. Animals are taken in daily, all of them looking for a new home. It is unfortunately like very often: you can not help all animals, but you can set an attentive sign for people.

Sue Ellen is a Palomino mare

The term Palomino is the name for the blond colouring. The basic colour is chestnut. Accordingly, Sue Ellen is genetically a chestnut mare, whose coat is lightened with cream genes. The cream gene lightens the coat and the longhair in different shades from light to dark. The longhair in palominos is always white - as you can easily see in Sue Ellen.

Due to the Corona pandemic, Sue Ellen's owner lost her job

She loved her horse more than anything, but she worked in the catering industry, and we know that especially workers in tourism are suffering the consequences of the pandemic. It had become impossible for the woman to care for Sue Ellen any longer, especially as the mare was also suffering from a hoof-roll inflammation.

This inflammation means great pain for the horse, but with good care, a good farrier and a lot of patience, it can be cured, although it is also very costly. Annette is probably one of the best horse mamas, and so the disease will soon be a thing of the past for Sue Ellen.

Paloma and her foal "Schnütchen" let Sue Ellen into their paddock

Paloma and Schnütchen took Sue Ellen to the paddock and there she could run "stress-free" right away. Patience, calmness and love will help her. Sue Ellen gets to know over the paddock fence and the box walls the other horses, with whom she will spend her life in the future. The reunion of the horses should take place soon.

That will certainly be exciting for the Palomino mare. So many new friends, a new home - everything a horse's heart desires is there. In Annette, she has found a sensitive, understanding person who will surely read as many wishes as possible from her eyes. Sue Ellen will not forget her previous owner, who certainly wanted the best for her, because horses do not forget anything or anyone.

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Horse Sue Ellen

American Quarter Horse

The Gut Aiderbichl horse paradise at the Ballermann Ranch in Germany has a new resident: Sue Ellen, an 11-year-old Quarter Horse mare with a shimmering golden coat. She will live a great horse life here until her...

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