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Bieni, the goat with the crooked neck

Bieni was probably the most famous goat in the world. She was usually the first to run out of the stable and greet visitors at the entrance gate. She was full of joie de vivre and sometimes settled disputes between the donkeys or the ponies. How did she do it? She simply positioned herself between the "quarrelers" and then there was peace. People and animals had respect for our very special goat.

Bieni was a laboratory animal

Dogs, rats, mice, ferrets, monkeys or even goats are in the service of humans in experimental laboratories. A young veterinarian in training was supposed to practise injecting the goat. The needle accidentally hit a nerve in the neck and Bieni got a crooked, thick neck. It was certain that the disability would last a lifetime. The students were very concerned, especially the one who had suffered the mishap.

Being different is part of life: so there is a goat with a crooked neck, dogs that go blind, trees that grow crooked, weeds in the garden - all nature.

Bieni was an actress

She loved to be in the middle of it all and she especially loved children. When a band marched across the courtyard at a festival, our bandmaster had four legs, a crooked neck and two horns. Bieni set the beat and almost walked in step with the musicians.

"He who does not respect the dignity of animals cannot take it from them, but he loses his own." (Albert Schweitzer)

Countless animals are in the experimental laboratories, for example to research medicines. They live there in cages and cry out for freedom and scream in pain. Experimental animals are deprived of their dignity. Unfortunately, respect for the animal does not apply here.

Bieni was an experimental goat and the attempt had gone wrong. But there was a person who deeply regretted his mistake of not placing the needle correctly. And then, there were people who wanted Bieni to live on with her disability. That is respect for the living being.

Bieni did not let her dignity be taken away. She practically wore her fate on her crooked neck and smiled and loved everything around her. Just as we loved her!

Visitors still ask about the goat with the crooked neck. So she has found a place in people's hearts.

"If you seek me, seek me in your hearts. If I have found a home there, I will always be with you!" (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Thank you Bieni, that we could learn from you to take life as it comes. Only thanks to your support, dear animal lovers, we can help animals like Bieni. Please continue to support us with a small donation or a sponsorship. Thank you very much.


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