Dog Alexia


  • Colour:
    Black and brown
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    Special care places

Our Alexia comes from Romania. She is very fun-loving and constantly looking for attention. She is totally on her toes and very eager to learn. She is looking for a home where she will be very busy and trained. Alexia is very people oriented, but can be a bit skeptical of strangers. Therefore it would be great if you already have some dog experience or if not, if you work together with a dog trainer with Alexia. All in all, Alexia is a dog who needs a lot of activity and also likes to be out in nature. With small children it is currently still a little difficult, but you can certainly work on it well. In the meantime, Alexia has found a great home and feels comfortable. Of course, like all the other animals at Gut Aiderbichl, she is under our lifelong protection.

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