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Alexis is a very wonderful dog who is very bright, friendly and loving. She is an all around great dog lady, who loves to play and is incredibly happy to have any contact. Alexis can also be taken in by people without dog experience without any problems, as she can also be a great `beginner dog` with her character and her size. Alexis will do well in a new home as an only dog or also with other dogs. It is just important that the other dogs are not too dominant and then push the gentle dog lady too much. Alexis is vaccinated, dewormed and chipped and travels with a kind EU pet passport after a veterinary exit check. We sincerely hope that she will find a new loving home soon! If you are interested, please contact us by mail: In the meantime, Alexis has found a great home and feels comfortable. Of course, like all other animals at Gut Aiderbichl, she is under our lifelong protection.

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