Dog Ani


  • Colour:
    Beige, reddish brown
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    Special care places

The plight of the street dogs in Romania goes again and again through the media and it is reported about the killing stations, in which the dogs are kept under the worst conditions. Ultimately, however, they are also killed. One hears the worst stories, sees the worst pictures and the heart becomes heavy. When we received a call for help from Bucharest, where an animal welfare organization was facing eviction, Dieter Ehrengruber decided to help and set up the Stray Dog Project Romania. Here, the focus is not only on rescuing the dogs, but also on reducing suffering through castration. Ani comes from Romania and was taken off the streets thanks to the work of Gut Aiderbichl. In the meantime, she has found a special foster home. Of course, Ani is forever under our protection and may come home at any time.

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