Chicken Artyom


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    Hauptgut Henndorf

The word "rooster" means to sing, to sound, to resound. Rooster Artjom, who we would like to tell you about today, took the "singing" a little too seriously... Rooster Artjom lived with his seven hen ladies in a private garden near Lake Chiemsee. His home could not have been more beautiful. So Artjom strutted around his garden every day with his head held high and crowed for all he was worth. He crowed whenever he was happy or something had happened. But over time, he also began to crow loudly when pedestrians walked past the property or the family was in the garden. It almost seemed as if Artjom wanted to protect the family and his chicken ladies, like a little watchdog. At first, no one was bothered by this, but as time went by, the surrounding neighbours complained and the whole thing began to shake up the neighbourly peace. The family went back and forth, but one thing was definitely out of the question: taking Artjom the rooster to the slaughterhouse. One morning, the father of the family decided to turn to Gut Aiderbichl for help. He told us the whole story by email and Dieter Ehrengruber agreed to take in Artjom. It was a huge weight off the family's minds, especially because Artjom the rooster came to Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf and they can visit him there at any time.

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