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Date of birth: 23.06.2021 Shoulder height: 40cm Weight: 12kg Bebelinda came to our shelter together with her siblings at the end of last year. She was from the beginning the smallest of the litter and we attached great importance to the fact that the little pelt-nose did not suffer from the cold winter temperatures. In the meantime, Bebelinda has grown up to a beautiful and extremely playful young female. She is used to contact with people from an early age and gets along perfectly with all two-legged friends. Also the living together in her group of young dogs works out without any problems. Bebelinda is an active and playful dog, who likes to ask other dogs to play with her. When it goes to the big playground, where we also mix different dog groups, Bebelinda is more reserved and orients herself more to the people she knows. Meanwhile, she has found a great home and feels comfortable. Of course, like all the other animals at Gut Aiderbichl, she is under our lifelong protection.

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