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When family situations change, this can often be devastating for the animals. A very pregnant woman phoned the administration of Gut Aiderbichl. She had a dog that her cousin had put on her eye. She rescued him herself and could no longer take care of the 7-year-old male dog. There was talk of abandoning it and "leaving it behind" was considered. The woman on the phone also told about the Youth Welfare Office coming by and if they saw the dog, they would take the children away from her. It had to be done quickly - the request was urgent. Dieter Ehrengruber agreed to take Bingo in and so he moved to Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf. Here it became apparent that he was a difficult character who would probably not be happy on a visitable estate. After a move to Carinthia, an animal lover found a wonderful friend in Bingo. He was allowed to join her in a special foster home. Of course, he is still under the protection of Gut Aiderbichl and can go home at any time!

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