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It was a beautiful, warm day in May. The gates of Gut Aiderbichl were closed and the evening began. Our keepers were making their evening rounds, feeding the animals and letting our Aiderbichl dogs out for their last walk when a family came towards them with a strange dog. They told us that they had discovered the male dog on the main road. He seemed to be confused and had completely lost his bearings. The animal friends caught him and brought him to us first. We made phone calls, checked if he had a chip and tried to find the owner. The chip was registered and we had a mobile number. Again and again we tried to call, wrote messages. For a long time nothing came, until one day we received an answer: "We have given the dog to Slovakia! He can't come back to us!" - We were left with even more questions than before and decided to keep the dog: Bodiam has since been placed in a special foster home. He is still under our lifelong protection and can come back "home" at any time.

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