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    Romania - Puchenii Mari
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Cesar, Calvin and Cerise live with us in a large dog group and get along perfectly with other dogs. With us two-legged friends, the three siblings are even more reserved. In principle, they are completely relaxed in the presence of people, but want little or no interaction. If you want to pet them, they prefer to get out of the way and lie down again a few metres away, relaxed. The three are by no means frightened, but more patience is needed than with other dogs. Cesar, Calvin and Cerise are never aggressive and also let us pick them up, handle them and stroke them. However, it always takes some persuasion and patience to get the three of them to cooperate. We are looking for a loving home with experience and patience to continue on the path we have already taken. Every day we see more and more progress in the three of them and we are sure that they will do well in the right home. All three are vaccinated, dewormed and chipped and will travel with a kind EU pet passport after a veterinary exit check. We very much hope they find a new loving home soon! Weight: 9-11kg Height: 35-37cm If you are interested in Cerise, please feel free to contact:

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