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    Romania - Puchenii Mari
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Date of birth: 20.11.2021 Shoulder height: 50-55cm Weight: 20-25kg female Crissa had been living with her dog family in an abandoned house where she was provided with the bare necessities by an elderly woman. At the end of January, the little dog came to the shelter together with her four siblings and her mum Cocoa. Crissa, who looks just like her sister Cosette, has settled in very well and has grown into an adorable young dog. She loves to play with dogs and people alike. Of course, she loves to play in the dog playground of our shelter. Like her siblings, Crissa is a healthy, curious and playful young dog and will enrich every home immensely. We very much hope that we will soon find a great home for this little dog lady. If you are interested, please contact us by email:

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