Horse David


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    Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf

David, a Noriker, was born on a farm in Pongau. Unfortunately, the mare died a few days after birth. The farmer turned to Dieter Ehrengruber in desperation. There was a definite "YES" for the foal: Nothing is impossible, the weaker one must be helped. David was picked up from the farm and laid out with lots of straw in an Aiderbichl horse transporter, so it began a gentle journey that brought him from Pongau to Flachgau in Henndorf. The stable was already prepared and the welcoming committee was ready at the foal's stable: donkeys, goats, ponies, and also Bables, the big pig. There is a lot for little David to learn, but he has all the animals and people who have already taken him firmly into their hearts. If everything goes well in his horse life, he will surely live to be 35 - 40 years old. So now a young, lonely Noriker foal has found a family and everything will be fine.

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