Chimpanzee Denise


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    Monkey Refuge

Denise is Spätzle's best friend. The two of them are an unbeatable team. Denise, a very affectionate chimpanzee, also knows exactly how to present herself in order to achieve her desired goals, especially when it comes to food. In doing so, she uses every means at her disposal to wheedle something from the others. She struggles a bit with weight problems as a result and is under the control of the caregivers. Although Denise is a permanent member of this group, every other day she switches to Pepi, who is all alone due to the death of his two friends. Denise is the only one who fully accepts him with all his quirks and problems - among other things, Pepi is very limited in his ability to move. She is very caring towards him and obviously knows that she is very much needed by Pepi. Although she is then separated from Spätzle, her best friend, for a short time, she deals with this change in an exemplary manner.

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