Cat Emilia

European Shorthair

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Emilia and her brother Emil came to Henndorf in 2019. An animal-loving woman had gotten the young cats from a farmer. She was also completely in the belief that the little black kittens were perfectly healthy, but unfortunately it turned out after a few months that Emilia had broken out FIP. Emilia's fur was dull, she could no longer meow, her mucous membranes were yellow and she was not very hungry. The animal caretakers knew of a new medication for FIP. The drug treatment was very expensive. But Dieter Ehrengruber was determined to help little Emilia. A fundraising campaign on our social media channels was started, and thanks to many animal-loving people, we were able to start the treatment with the new drug. Thank you again at this point, to all of you, dear Aiderbichl supporters! Now Emilia is looking for a loving home together with Wendy. If you are interested, please contact us at

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