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Gaia came to our shelter in spring this year together with her six puppies. She had been living in a street near our shelter and is also the mother of another litter of puppies that was handed over to us at the shelter a year ago. Now she has finally moved in with us too. Gaia is a wonderful and trusting dog who definitely deserves a place in a loving home. Gaia rewards us with a lot of affection at every contact. Cuddling and stroking are very high on Gaia's list of priorities. When you look into Gaia's beautiful eyes, you immediately understand what a fantastic relationship humans and dogs can build. She is adventurous and also enjoys spending time in our playground. As Gaia is also a guard dog, it is important that Gaia's new family can handle her strength and temperament. Weight: 40+ kg Height: 60cm If you are interested in Gaia, please feel free to contact:

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