Dog Geri


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The puppies Geri, Gabin, Gill, Ginger, Gloria, Grace and Grig were brought into the world by their mother in a cornfield. Alexia, a local animal welfare worker discovered the dog family there and after the discovery she regularly brought food and water to the dogs. After a few days, Alexia found only the puppies - there was no trace of the mother dog. When this did not change in the next two days, Alexia took the puppies to her home and looked after them there. After the puppies had been with her for a good week, Alexia asked us to take them in and find suitable homes for them. The puppies are all very trusting, as well as incredibly playful and open. People, as well as dogs are always greeted joyfully and extensively. The wonderful pelt-noses now live in our puppy run, where a lot of human contact is on the agenda. There is a lot of romping, playing and cuddling! At the end of February the puppies will have completed their basic vaccination and may then move to a new home! Data of the dogs: Date of birth: 15.10.2022 Estimated adult weight: 15-20 kg Estimated adult size: medium ( about 45cm)


introduces itself

Hello everyone! I am Geri...

I enjoy being with other dogs.
Even two-legged friends do not bother me.
I always receive them with much enthusiasm and love,
so maybe they will give me more food! Unfortunately, this never happens...

I am very friendly and full of energy and I love to run and play.

I would love to live in a house with a family,
who will take care of me forever and to whom I can give many kisses!

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