Heidithe goat

Dwarf goat

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    GA Iffeldorf

In the early hours of the morning, Mara the goat had first one kid, then a second and last but not least a third. Nicky, Heidi and Pauli. Our animal rescue service called the vet. Mara only has two teats and it is not uncommon for a mother to reject one. Out of overwhelm and not because they are cruel. They accept the death of one of their children so that the other two survive. Our biggest concern was the straggler Pauli. He was weak, small in stature and already somewhat apathetic. The vet wore him under her jumper during her tours. He was supposed to be warm, but on top of that he seemed to have trouble swallowing. A vet who was called in, a specialist for goats, said we should give him a natural chance and put him under his mother's teat again and again. Mara played along, was patient and dared to raise the triplets. Now they have become a very happy goat family. But other goats with a similar story have also given birth to kids at Gut Aiderbichl this year.

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