Dog Ice


  • Colour:
    White/light brown
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  • Location:
    Special care places

In 2017, we received a call for help from an animal welfare activist from Bucharest. She received an eviction notice and should leave the premises as soon as possible. But she had the responsibility for more than 300 dogs. Where was she supposed to take them? And simply leaving her animal friends behind was out of the question for her. After a visit to Bucharest, Dieter Ehrengruber decided to help the animal welfare activist and become active in Romania. He started the Stray Animal Project Romania. Thus, Ice also became an Aiderbichl dog. But rescue is not the only priority for us. We want the help to reach where it is needed: on the spot! So we have already carried out many castration campaigns among the dogs and also invited the local population to participate. Ice has already found a special foster home, but is still under our lifelong protection. She can come back home at any time.

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