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Date of birth: 16.06.2021 Shoulder height: 39cm Weight: 13kg Female Jackie was delivered together with her mommy Jolie and her siblings Joana, Janet and Jasmine in August at our shelter. The four puppies have been lovingly raised by their mom Jolie and are now taking their first steps/exploring on their own. The dog family lives with us in a group of 10 dogs and gets along very well with the other dogs. Jackie, Janet, Jasmine and Joana are still rather reserved with people. All four puppies would be very happy about a home with dog experience, where they can make their first steps in peace and with support. There can be already one or more other dogs in the new home! Jackie is the most adventurous of her siblings. In the meantime, she has found a great home and feels comfortable. Of course, like all other animals at Gut Aiderbichl, she is under our lifelong protection.

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