Dog Joker


  • Colour:
    Dark grey/beige/white
  • Gender:
  • Star sign:
  • Birthday:
  • Entry date:
  • Location:
    Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf

When we got a call from an official veterinarian asking us to take in about 30 small dogs, we started to wonder who has so many dogs at home. Dieter Ehrengruber agreed immediately. The Gut Aiderbichl team drove to the address and found unbelievable conditions. Small dogs that were completely filthy with excrement and urine and had to live in a very confined space - together with their owners. Our hearts became very heavy. We were denied access to the house, but with many tears we were handed over the 30 dogs we had agreed on. We were shocked to discover that there were at least as many dogs in the house. We had to take care of these 30 dogs and bring them back to health. A few days later, we received another call. This time from the family itself, asking if we could pick up more dogs so that the veterinary office would give them a break. Without hesitation we said "YES" and set off again to get another 38 dogs out. Whisky and Joker have since recovered well and the other dogs have also found loving special foster homes.

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