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Date of birth: 17.02.2022 Shoulder height: 55cm+ Weight: 25kg+ Female Recently - on 31.3.2022 - our co-worker Tobias brought a litter of puppies to the shelter. They were four little pelt-noses who were no longer welcome in their old home. Jola, Josef, Josephine and Josy. It can't have been because of the dogs themselves that they had to move to us. The four puppies, who are only two months old, are incredibly sweet, very friendly and adventurous. The little fluffy balls are already eagerly exploring the shelter and are happy about every new contact. No matter if they are two- or four-legged. Jola's mum is a purebred guard dog, the father is unknown. So we can say with certainty that at least half of our little fluffballs are herding dogs. Accordingly, we are looking for experienced homes for the little pups, which must be in a rural area and have their own garden. With us, the little puppies will learn to live together with humans and dogs from an early age; we hope that we will soon find a great, suitable home for Jola! If you are interested, please contact us by email:

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