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No country had as much media attention as Romania when it came to street dogs. There were repeated reports of street clean-ups of stray dogs, in which the dogs were captured and taken to killing stations. Once there, they were cruelly killed. Other countries also follow this method and do not treat the strays much more gently. A call for help from Bucharest reached Dieter Ehrengruber and he decided to go and see for himself. An animal lover was about to be evicted and was supposed to move with 300 dogs. An unmanageable task for the woman. Shocked by the conditions there, Dieter Ehrengruber set up the Stray Dog Project Romania. This also saved Jossie's life and gave her a new start in life. In the meantime she has found a special foster home. Of course, Jossie is still under our protection and can go back home at any time. time back home.

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