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German shepherd

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Once they were "the" dog breed of the Germans and the most popular dog breed. They are faithful, reliable and are considered absolutely obedient. But long ago, the hype around the "German Shepherd" flattened and another dog breed disputed his rank. What many do not know is that the German Shepherd is completely overbred. Not infrequently, the puppies are born already sick. This was also the case with Lady, who had many health problems. To make matters worse, she was handed over to the animal shelter when she was only one year old. Nobody wanted her. An animal lover became aware of her and asked us for help, because she felt very sorry for the dog. At Gut Aiderbichl Lady found a home, love and the chance for a new life. In the meantime, she lives in a special foster home. Of course, she is forever under the protection of Gut Aiderbichl and may come home again at any time.

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