Dog Lorelei


  • Colour:
    Black and brown
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  • Location:
    Special care places

Lorelei was brought to safety by our animal rescuers in Romania. It is hard to imagine what would have happened if we had not found her. But by far not all dogs have this luck. Many are run over on the streets of Romania, driven away, hunted, poisoned or handed over to killing stations. Once there, more dangers lurk and ultimately death. When we received a call for help from an animal welfare activist who was about to be evicted, Dieter Ehrengruber decided to help. The stray dog project Romania was brought to life. But we do not only want to rescue and mediate dogs, we also want the help to arrive on site. So we offer castrations again and again also to the population, in order to prevent further animal suffering. In the meantime, Lorelei has found a special foster home, but she is still under our protection. She can come back to Gut Aiderbichl at any time.

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