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When we talk about dogs, we usually hear the phrase "He is man's best friend". But often we do not treat them as friends. Instead of love, many people show them only cruelty and contempt. This can be observed in many countries, but nowhere as clearly as in the south and east of Europe. First and foremost Romania, whose "street cleansing" has often been in the news and caused an uproar. When we received a call for help from Bucharest from an animal welfare activist who was about to be evicted, Dieter Ehrengruber decided to found the Stray Dog Project Romania. The aim was not only to rescue the dogs and place them in good special foster homes. The help should arrive on the spot, where it is needed. We have already been able to castrate many dogs and hope to make a contribution to solving the stray dog problem. Thanks to the stray project, we were able to help Love and save her. In the meantime, she has already found a great special foster home. Of course, Love is protected by Gut Aiderbichl until the natural end of her life and can come home at any time.

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