Dog Lucy

German shepherd dog

  • Colour:
    Light brown/black
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    Special care places

Lucy, who was only 4 years old when she was rescued, belongs to the German Shepherd breed. Together with male shepherd Jerry-Lee, she was left behind by her owner in an enclosure in a small Lower Austrian community. Neighbours eventually noticed that the animals had been left completely to their own devices for days. So the animal lovers started to provide the two dogs with food and water. Because they did not know how the animals would react, they did not dare to enter the kennel for months. It was only about two weeks before they were rescued that the animal lovers dared to take the step and lo and behold: the dogs turned out to be very friendly, affectionate contemporaries who were just craving for affection. When they were picked up, the two dogs almost stormed the car of their rescuers, who brought them to Gut Aiderbichl Kärnten in July 2019. The two dogs are very well-behaved and obedient. They walk well on the leash and are inseparable. If you would like to meet both dogs, please send an email to

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