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American Staffordshire Terrier

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Luna's owner got into trouble with the authorities, not because she became conspicuous, but because her former mistress did not fulfil the legal requirements. Depending on the federal state, there are more or less strict requirements for keeping and leading so-called fighting dogs that have to be fulfilled. This applies to Austria as well as to Germany. This really great dog has been in the care of Gut Aiderbichl since June 2019. With her lovely nature, she has quickly wrapped us around her claw. Gentle Luna is an approximately 55 cm tall and 30 kg heavy, 4-year-old neutered dog, who is absolutely looking for a family connection with responsible and dog-experienced people. The American Staffordshire dog has a very friendly, good nature and wants to please her humans. When she falls into hunting mode, however, she sometimes forgets her good nature and chases her object of desire with power and speed. Sympathy is the deciding factor when it comes to dog contact. We would like Luna to be with people who will keep her busy, who will exercise her physically and mentally and who will always give her the security she needs. Small children should not be in the household. We do not know if she is compatible with cats. Driving a car is no problem with Luna. Due to her breed, she cannot be adopted to Germany. If you are interested, please contact: or +43 664 600 94 113

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