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Mary Linda was heavily pregnant when we found her. Michael Aufhauser collected her from a busy road and saved her life. Shortly afterwards she gave birth to 11 sweet puppies. As a street dog, Mary Linda probably wouldn't have managed to raise all the puppies. Michael Aufhauser never let her out of his sight. As soon as she and the puppies were ready to leave, we booked a flight and brought them to us at Gut Aiderbichl. Her puppies have been placed in the meantime and have found a good home. She and her son Mouzaki have found their world and a home at Gut Aiderbichl. Mary Linda is a very friendly and open-minded dog who occasionally shows her hunting instinct. A family with children would be possible for her, but she should stay with her son Mouzaki, as he is very attached to his mother. If you are interested in providing them with a lifelong special foster home, please contact us at

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