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Date of birth: 14.04.2017 Shoulder height: 42cm Weight: 15kg, Male New Mark lived with a family in the neighbouring village of our shelter in Romania. One day he had a car accident but luckily survived. His family took him from the street back into the garden of their house, but did not pay any further attention to New Mark. The fact that New Mark could not move his back legs since the accident did not seem to worry or interest the family. Fortunately, we were informed of New Mark's fate by the family's neighbours and were able to take him into our Romanian shelter. When New Mark came to us, his back legs were already completely open and inflamed from constantly dragging him across the floor. With a lot of love and even more patience we were able to build him up in the following weeks so that he can now lead a decent life. Now New Mark was very lucky and was allowed to move to Gut Aiderbichl in Henndorf and has already won everyone over with his charm. He is a very curious, friendly and active dog who gets along great with his wheelchair and whizzes around the area. New Mark loves to play, eat and enjoys every stroke to the fullest. He is always very patient and good-natured when it comes to changing nappies and all treatments. We sincerely hope that New Mark's life will continue to take a positive turn and that he will finally get the chance of a great and caring home.

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