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Paula is a three-year-old dog lady who has been living with us at the shelter since March this year. She is a very calm dog who is happy when people come to visit her and likes to show it. However, Paula has a certain basic shyness, so she often gets in her own way. You can see very well that she wants contact and is basically positive and open-minded towards people, but she can't get rid of a certain reserve with us. A shelter is not the ideal place for Paula, she needs a loving home where she has all the time in the world to overcome her shyness and gain more confidence. Paula is never aggressive and not scared, but she is shy. In a quiet, preferably rural home, Paula would have the perfect environment to continue to grow and gain the confidence she needs. She is vaccinated, wormed and chipped and will of course travel to her new home with an EU pet passport. She will also have a check-up with our vet before she leaves the country, so that she can start her journey to her new home without any worries. Weight: 23-25kg Height: 56cm If you are interested in Paula, please contact:

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