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Numerous romanian dogs have already given birth to their puppies at Gut Aiderbichl in Henndorf. In front of the gate of the shelter at Gut Aiderbichl Romania, boxes with puppies are repeatedly left, dogs are thrown over the fence, or some strays walk up and down in front of our gate until the staff notice them and bring them into the shelter. Penny had laid down highly pregnant in front of a Penny supermarket in Romania. Maybe someone threw her something to eat here and there, or maybe she found food scraps in the trash cans? An animal-loving person took her into his private home and contacted Gut Aiderbichl in Romania. There Penny was taken in and now given to the returning animal rescuers to Austria. At Schroffnergut, an outlying farm of Gut Aiderbichl in Salzburg, a dog room was set up and everything was prepared for the birth. 11 beautiful puppies saw the light of day and when they were old enough, they moved into their new home at the Gut Aiderbichl special foster homes. Pedro also found a wonderful family to live with - always under the protection of Gut Aiderbichl.

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