Cat Psira

European Shorthair

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    Maria Schmolln

In January of this year, a young family urgently asked us to take in their Psira because their child was extremely allergic to the cat and had already had several hospital stays due to the severe allergy. Dieter Ehrengruber did not hesitate and took Psira in. She has now been living at Gut Aiderbichl Maria Schmolln for a few weeks. Integrated into the local cat and - surprise - dog family. By the way, the word Psira comes from the Greek and means "louse". At the same time, Psira is an uninhabited island north of Crete in beautiful Greece. This island is very karstic and light grey tabby, just like the coat of the beautiful Psira. This special cat was discovered by the family on a rubbish heap in Greece. A freshly born kitten on the rubbish - similar to our Count Dracula, only in Greece.

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Cat Psira in her new home

Cat Psira

A name - warm like the Greek sun

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