Rodent Rambo


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    GA Henndorf

"Dear Gut Aiderbichl team, a very big problem depresses me so much that I am now turning to you..." began the email of a young woman who was in great distress. Her beloved father had recently passed away. The financial burden of maintaining the large house alone was too big for mother and daughter. With heavy hearts, they had to make the decision to sell the house and move into a flat. They have always been very fond of animals and have offered shelter and protection to many animals in need in the past. Now with their move, some charges could not come with them. Among them were three chinchillas that the animal lover was able to rescue from a messy flat. Rambo, Sambaha and Clyde were part of the family and so it was out of question to find a good place for them. But the two women couldn't imagine how difficult this would be. Nobody wanted Sambaha, Rambo and Clyde. It seemed hopeless, but they still had one hope: Gut Aiderbichl! When Dieter Ehrengruber heard about their fate, he immediately agreed to take them in and so the three were allowed to become part of our family. Once here, the three are allowed to enjoy their lives to the full. What many people don't know is that these incredibly sweet rodents are very demanding animals, originally from Chile. They also deserve to be kept in an appropriate manner to their species and, as with all animals, everyone should inform themselves carefully before chinchillas enter the household.

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