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Ranja came to the shelter in February 2022. Our employee Tobias had discovered Ranja not far from our shelter with a family, who kept her as a chain dog and even without a doghouse or similar. The family did not want to improve the keeping conditions for Ranja even after repeated coaxing, at least they allowed us to take her to our shelter. It is amazing to see how little Ranja's poor housing conditions have affected her. She is incredibly friendly and also very open-minded towards strangers. Ranja is a very loving, gentle and also calm dog. She doesn't need an excess of running and exercise, she is just happy when she is allowed to be there. Ranja lives with us in a large dog group and on the whole gets along well with all the other dogs. However, if another dog persistently annoys her, she can fight back. Ranja is a wonderful dog who would be happy to move in with people who have no dog experience. Ranja would also be able to live a happy life as an only dog. We sincerely hope that Ranja's life will continue to change for the better and that she will soon be allowed to move out to a new home. If you are interested, please contact us by mail:

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