Cattle Renaterl


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    Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf

Renaterl lives together with her siblings Roserl, Reserl and Roswitherl and her mother at Gut Aiderbichl. But how did it come about that the whole family could move into Gut Aiderbichl? We would like to tell you this story briefly: In April, to the astonishment of her owners, Ruby gave birth to quadruplet calves: healthy and lively, but a little too small, Roserl, Reserl, Renaterl and Roswitherl could unfortunately not be used in the Styrian dairy farm. Seen that they lost their hearts to the sweet and bright calves and a quadruplet birth is also extremely rare, the owners searched intensively for a solution. They wanted their charges to have the best possible place and to be well looked after. At Gut Aiderbichl, the four found a beautiful new home for life. And that's not all: to keep the family together, Dieter Ehrengruber decided to bring their mother Ruby to Gut Aiderbichl as well. The five of them are now really blossoming here and enjoying their new home with the best care and lots of love until the natural end of their lives.

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