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Date of birth: 23.11.2021 Shoulder height: 45-50cm Weight: 15-17kg Female. Roa came to the shelter in February this year - unfortunately with a myriad of ticks in her luggage. The ticks caused Roa to develop two different Mediterranean diseases, both of which were cured with a one-week stay in hospital. Roa is now back with us at the shelter and beams with good humour every day. She has completely recovered from her illnesses. She is a fantastic young dog who has become the secret favourite of all the animal keepers. Roa is not only incredibly playful and bright, but also very people-oriented. You can easily cuddle her on the couch to pass the time. Roa is an all round fantastic dog who is now looking for a new home. As Roa has a uniquely great character, it is not necessary to have much dog experience with her. If you are interested, please contact us by email:

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