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Sora was found by our staff in Romania under a bush in burning heat. She was barking desperately and loudly, which brought her to our attention. Horror and tears followed, because Sora barked for her dead sibling, who was lying there and did not move anymore. There was also no mommy to be found far and wide. Abandoned? The mother run over? We will never know. But the most important thing was to help! Unfortunately we could not help the dead sibling, it was buried by us. Little Sora was immediately taken to the vet, examined, freshly bathed and fed. Since that day, she was stroked and loved by us unstoppably, always in thoughts of her sibling, who unfortunately had to go over the Rainbow Bridge too early. In the meantime, Sora has found a special foster home, but she is still under our protection. She can come back to us at Gut Aiderbichl at any time.

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