Pork Spicy

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    Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf

Animal lovers found Peppa on a small farm in Lower Austria. The daughter of the family made friends with the animals there and the young farmer. She is allowed to ride and is also allowed to help with their care. The help comes in handy for the young farmer, because with the high number of animals she takes care of every day, every helping hand is worth its weight in gold. The young animal lover made friends with pig Peppa, who has her own mind. One day, the student discovered that Peppa had become a mother - four adorable piglets shared the barn with the other animals on the farm from then on. But unfortunately the piglets could not stay. A place had to be found for them and there was already talk of slaughter. The entire family of the student stepped in, cared for and looked after the animals - tried to find a new home. At Gut Aiderbichl, the five are now well accommodated!

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