Goat Tati

West African Dwarf Goat

  • Colour:
    Black and white
  • Gender:
  • Star sign:
  • Birthday:
  • Entry date:
  • Location:
    GA Henndorf

It all started with goat Emma (†), who was found injured in a barn by an animal lover. A donkey had bitten and seriously injured her. Without further ado, the woman bought the goat and took her to a vet, where an emergency operation was performed. When she came to us, Emma looked like a little goat. Small, cheeky and funny. We would never have guessed that she was pregnant. After all, she was on a vet's operating table. Now she has surprised us with the birth of little Tati. Tati has a blaze in the shape of a heart and is amazingly similar to her mother in temperament. The little goat family is in good health and welcomes our guests every day. When we rescued an uncastrated billy goat from the butcher, the goat had a disastrous "escape". A few weeks later, Emma and Tati surprised us with kids, just in time for Easter. What many don't know: Billy goats are still capable of procreation up to 6 weeks after castration.

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