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Boxer mongrel

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Tyson's life started out wonderfully - just the way a dog's life should be. He was allowed to go everywhere, was always there. His young owner put a lot of time, patience and love into the dog. When the young man became a father, the problems began. The owner's mother turned to us for help. The current family situation would overwhelm everyone and they would urgently need help. We agreed to take him in and brought Tyson to us. We quickly realised that although Tyson was doing well, he was not fully happy. The separation from Tyson did not let go of the young father and asked us to give it another try. For Tyson's sake, we wished it would work out. Unfortunately, this failed and Tyson came back to Gut Aiderbichl. Now we are looking for the perfect, final home for him: He wants a quiet family, without children or a single woman who will give Tyson peace and security for the last years of his life. If you have time for an older dog then please get in touch and help Tyson. or 0043 664 60094113

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